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Summer Soiree Inspiration

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#Purposeful Living

So You Think You Are Nothing?

Can I just mention that I am currently in my favourite place in NLS Lagos and doing my most favourite thing in the world as I write this? I am at the roof top of my hostel, earphones plugged in, Hillsong’s Lord of Lords on repeat and doing what i am getting to discover is my most favourite thing in the world – writing. I cant explain what worshipping with songs on a still quiet night like this while staring at the skies/writing does…

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#Purposeful Living Personal Memoirs

I Testify…

I wrote this on March 12th 2014… I have decided that this March 2014 I will testify. -Raymond shall be confirmed at Right click with amazing benefits attached. -That Jessica will get into University Of Benin this march because God will break protocol for her sake, He will cause the clearance officer’s heart to favour her. -That I will attend the matric in Uniben this March(with Jessica) as a student there. -That I will testify about the above this March.…

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#Purposeful Living Entrepreneurs Corner

Business Lessons Learnt From Tobias And Titus Igwe

Hi hi people! How’s you all doing? I hope there are no casualties from the season’s chop chop?(Casualty being loo things,hehe) I have a post lined up that’s supposed to go live tomorrow but I couldn’t help but write about this. I really didn’t want to write but I am still awake, tossing and turning from thinking about it so let me just go ahead and write it already. Every time I ask God for inspiration,He always delivers. And today…

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