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Gratitude For A Year Of Surpassed Goals

I’ve re-read my goals for the year and re-read the evaluation of my goals for last year… and the truth is I’ve been trying to write an evaluation of my 2015 goals since the week began but just can’t seem to find the words… It’s 10:30am right now and I have to put up this post so it can go out in email notifications by 11am and I still don’t have any words to put in the evaluation of my goals…

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Chastity For Men Project (Series) Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

Let’s Talk About Sex, Virginity And Chastity For The Single Lady/Guy

Dear Single Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s been a while since I wrote to you all. I recognize the fact that I still haven’t updated on gists from our single ladies outing… forgive me, I will get on it soonest. But in the space of a day, maybe two days, I have been hit with some brushes with “sex, chastity and purity” from different people. And when that happens and it’s laid in my heart so deeply, I believe it’s a…

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#Online Bible Study

Who Do You Look Unto For Help?

Let me tell you the story of how I got funds for my book… At first, I had faith to carry only 100 copies which they told me was 38000 Naira… that wasn’t a problem on my faith walk because I simply calculated that I had the money in my bank account… even though it would totally deplete my NYSC savings.   Afterwards the idea came to get the book up to 500 copies which was 85000 naira… for this…

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Book Giveaway: 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose By Frances Okoro (CLOSED)

It is no news that our singles hangout held on Saturday… What should be news though is the fact that it was amazing… so amazing! Like I even didn’t understand the effect of being in the company of godly single ladies prior to the event but by the time I left, I knew just how therapeutic a meeting of ladies who just love God can be. We laughed, we connected, we took loads of pictures 🙂 we ate, we talked…

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