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how to know God’s purpose for your life

#Purposeful Living

The Thin Line Between Your Personal Ambition And God’s Purpose

I met some of my colleagues from Law School yesterday… suddenly bumped into about 3 of them when my brother and I went to eat at NLS Lagos after Church. And as is usual with meetings with people from the past, everyone wants to know what you are doing right now, what you are into, etc. etc. I kind of let them think what they will about my brother sha, I didn’t introduce him as my brother (silly me, lol)…

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Author Interview With Frances Okoro || 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose

NOTE: What I truly feel like writing on today is on the need for us Christians to arise and take our rightful place on our knees… in the war room… in prayers. But today isn’t #OnlineBibleStudy so we’ll keep that till Wednesday right? But let me just chip in here; brothers and sisters, this isn’t the time to be a lukewarm Christian. If you are a Christian and right now you forfeit your time in the Word, you can’t even…

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