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First Book Reading/Discussion On Purpose: Yes, You Are Worthy!

I can still remember that day like yesterday… I had just been given a nomination form to serve as an executive at my fellowship in the university… and my first response was NO. In fact my NO was so emphatic, it was accompanied with tears. When I was asked by the then vice president why I didn’t want to serve as an executive, I made excuses (in tears) that I wasn’t ready… But the real truth was that I felt…

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Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

The Myth Of Singleness

Dear single ladies and gentlemen, I am still up by 01:51AM on saturday morning trying to figure out how to string the words together in today’s love letter…. actually I was working on the book, then got side tracked, so I am currently just surfing the net. Anyhows, I better get my head back onto the subject of today – nothing fancy – just some truth and gratitude to be displayed to God which I will get to as soon…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

On Purpose, Burden And Distractions

*Cleans cobwebs on the Awakening Youths section of the blog* Hello people! It’s been so quiet here yes? I’m so sorry. Of course if you read this post, you understand why I disappeared for a bit. But I am back now by God’s grace, revved up to do all that God has placed in me to do as a youth – as you should be too 🙂 I wrote this post in March but didn’t get around to posting it…

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