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Ify Halim: Can People Really Change?

I had a dream at the beginning of the year… A dream that had me wishing that Imperfectly Perfect Lives would grow to indeed include lives and not just my life. That I would feature a lot of guest articles on the guest Post section of the blog… and that I did till publishing Book brouhaha got me busy… too busy to even publish Ify’s article she had sent me for a while now. I admire Ify’s patience(right from before my…

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#Purposeful Living

One Woman Shining Is Equivalent To Womanhood Shining As A Whole…

I originally wrote this for Precious Igwe of for her “Redefining feminity” series. Enjoy…   It has been said that a certain feminine trait must exist in the lives of some women no matter how much they try to shake it off. They say all women must bicker at the top of their voices regardless of wherever they are, even in public. Pictures abound of women tearing off their hairs while engaging in combats worthy of being featured in Nollywood…

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