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Guest post by Roxandra Akinola

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The POWER in the WORD

Hello beautiful, I would like to speak on a topic I choose to call ‘The POWER in the WORD’! Main text is in Psalm 138:2:  “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving-kindness and for thy truth: FOR THOU HAST MAGNIFIED THY WORD ABOVE ALL THY NAME”. This scripture should be clearly marked in all Bibles that are produced!! For herein lies all the power! God has given to us the most useful means by which…

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Roxandra Akinola: Hello Beautiful…

Hello Beautiful, I don’t know if you ever get discouraged and a bit frightened every now and then like I do, if you do then this is for you. Life is such serious business that we don’t want to mess it up. We have all heard stories and even met people who have squandered their futures with seemingly trivial decisions. And these well meaning stories and life examples make us a bit frightened and discouraged or depressed when we go through…

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