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God’s favour

#Online Bible Study

He Surrounds Me With Favour As My Shield!

Hello dearies, How’s you week/year going? I am very sorry that I didn’t publish any post on monday (and if you didn’t even notice, then a big, very big side eye to you) I wasn’t going to post anything today too(wanted to chill for the week and make blog plans for the year) but I have just got a bit of a word for us for #online Bible Study. Couldn’t rest till I typed it out and I hope it…

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Personal Memoirs

First Week At NLS Lagos…

Registration day two,tuesday… Hello,Hello,Hello everybody!!! OMG,ah swear,I haff missed you all! It seems like a million years since my last post already. I hope you had a splendid week oo??? Well,I did promise to do a post on my first week of NLS Lagos,and here it is! No time,as e dey hot make u dey read. Lizziee,I hope you are still waiting for it??(Na Saturday I post am o,even if na for night) And like I promised,pictures boku……

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