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'Where Are The Men Series' #Purposeful Living

Introducing: ‘Where Are The Men’ Series

I am currently working (or trying to work) on my fourth book “Prayers For Your Future Husband (Spirit Led Prayers For The One Whose Name You Don’t Know)’. It will be out God willing in January 2017, as a gift along with our The Women At The Well first book (all ladies, you should absolutely pre-order this package HERE, would be just such a blessing). It is a book that I probably had written ever since June 2016 or so. I…

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Pathway To A Great Marital Life

So my roomate is a very funny girl. She regales us in the room with these crazy stories of her toasters.. For example, there was one guy that said he wanted to marry her and the guy was flashing her like no man’s business. One day, she just picked up her phone to call him, with no laugh on her face and speaking with serious passion, she said – “why are you always flashing me na, is this the way…

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