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God is greater than His gifts

#Purposeful Living

What I Want To Be Known For

I was going to share on my upcoming FREE Ebook for aspiring authors but I am working on my laptop with the songs from Pastor Nat’s album launch playing in the background and I am just overwhelmed… So overwhelmed… sometimes as I type right now and listen, I can’t sing or do anything, I just raise my hands and place them on my head like “ewo”!   And this moment reminds me of something I thought of a few days…

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#Online Bible Study

On God Being Greater Than His Gifts + First Blog Vlog!

Hiiiiiiii loves! How do I begin to explain my absence to you all? First of all, I AM SORRY. I am so so so so so so sorry. I had no intention to go off line like I did, as a matter of fact, I was contemplating not going for a conference just so that I could finish the book by July 6th as planned…. and that was where it all began. This isn’t our normal #OnlineBibleStudy but hey, the…

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