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A Honest Evaluation Of My 2014 Goals

If you read Eziaha’s blog(get familiar already) then you should know that she did a series of 31fab voices sharing their goals in January 2014. I never forgot my goals. I was always checking them to see which ones I had ticked off. So let’s have a honest evaluation of them all shall we? The goals are written as they are at the beginning of the year but the main goals have been edited for brevity but nothing’s lost… Hello everyone!…

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#Purposeful Living

3Tips For Achieving Your Goals Even As The Year Draws To An End…

I never forgot my goals for 2014 that was shared on Eziaha’s blog. In fact, I have it saved on my phone and I always read it from time to time and keep tabs. I will do a full post soon on how well I did with them but for today, I have something else to share with us.   Some persons think that new year resolutions are useless as people don’t tick off the goals but writing down my…

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