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Gratitude For A Year Of Surpassed Goals

I’ve re-read my goals for the year and re-read the evaluation of my goals for last year… and the truth is I’ve been trying to write an evaluation of my 2015 goals since the week began but just can’t seem…

#Purposeful Living

Go Hard! Go Alone!

I went for my January 12trip challenge on saturday(yep, done and dusted! Details will come later 🙂 I know the challenge is all about going alone even if there’s no one to tag along but on friday, I found…

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My Cooking Skills Do Not Define Me

Originally on BellaNaija   This article was misinterepeted a lot and it is my hope that someone gets the real meaning I was trying to pass across…   *********************************************************** When I was younger, I used to have a very…

Frances's Love Letters

Place A Lid On The Pressure

Originally on BellaNaija   *********************************************************** They say they do not want to pressure you but it’s there… It’s there in their eyes. It’s there in their words. It’s there when you ask for money from them because you don’t…

#Purposeful Living

Imperfectly Perfect

Originally on BellaNaija *********************************************************** It has been almost 10 years since that faithful day but I can still see the scene vividly in my head whenever I want to… “Me lying on my bunk bed, cowering under…