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#Online Bible Study

Knowing Jesus || Man Of Prayer

Hi blog fam. It’s been almost four weeks of digging more into Jesus and if you have missed #OnlineBibleStudy for the past weeks, click here. For today, the one deal about Jesus that was ringing in my heart is…

#Online Bible Study

Knowing Jesus || His Faithfulness

One day my sister asked me; “why do you always like to sing this song?” What song? We are saying, faithful are you Lord… Faithful are you Lord… Faithful are you Lord… You are so faithful. Every time we…

#Purposeful Living

…Not For The Applause Of Men

Almost everywhere I turn… Instagram, Facebook, etc. There is such a grapple for fame and applause. Everyone wants to be seen as doing something for God. As walking in purpose. “I” am doing this and I am doing that.…

#Purposeful Living

How I Discovered My Purpose

I have been getting some questions on “purpose” recently but even before the the questions, this post has been ringing in my heart.   If you are just joining us on the blog, welcome! #PurposefulMondays is a category on…