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When Your Appetite For Spiritual Things Begin To Wane…

I get worried when I notice that I would rather chat on my phone than pray. I get worried when I notice that I would rather read a work of fiction than read the Bible. I get worried when I notice that I would rather sleep than spend time with Jesus. And all the above scenarios I have experienced or am currently experiencing in some way now. As I sat before the Lord today, these words came to me: “when…

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Chastity For Men Project (Series) Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

Let’s Talk About Sex, Virginity And Chastity For The Single Lady/Guy

Dear Single Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s been a while since I wrote to you all. I recognize the fact that I still haven’t updated on gists from our single ladies outing… forgive me, I will get on it soonest. But in the space of a day, maybe two days, I have been hit with some brushes with “sex, chastity and purity” from different people. And when that happens and it’s laid in my heart so deeply, I believe it’s a…

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A Sneak Peek From My Upcoming Book

Hello dears, I hope you had a great weekend? So of course, since I am a darling, I thought to give you guys a preview of my upcoming book. I have lived out each step of my upcoming book “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” and I am basically at this step of “Launching Out Into The Deep”. This is actually the last step in the book – it’s a bonus step after the basic 10steps… one of the steps…

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