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Youths Speak: Esther Michael

Hi everybody! It’s another time on one of my favourite segment on the blog – #AwakeningYouths! And we have a lady here on Youths Speak today! Whoop! Call me biased or no? It just gets me excited to see that young women aspire for more than marriage et al. But let’s read our young lady’s dreams for ourselves below…   Me: Let’s meet you please? Esther: My name is Esther Michael Course Studied and year of graduation: Microbiology, 2014  …

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#Purposeful Living Entrepreneurs Corner

Business Lessons Learnt From Tobias And Titus Igwe

Hi hi people! How’s you all doing? I hope there are no casualties from the season’s chop chop?(Casualty being loo things,hehe) I have a post lined up that’s supposed to go live tomorrow but I couldn’t help but write about this. I really didn’t want to write but I am still awake, tossing and turning from thinking about it so let me just go ahead and write it already. Every time I ask God for inspiration,He always delivers. And today…

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