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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

Youths Speak: Onansanya Oluwatobi Emmanuel

Hello all #WalkingInPurpose youths! I’m so sorry I didn’t update the Awakening-youths section of the blog last week, I got all swamped with stuff (not really, my phone was dead, but let’s pretend that stuff came I do hope that you all are still walking in line with the year’s tag right? #WalkingInPurpose? Or even if you haven’t started yet, you are right on track with plans to go all out with what God has placed in your heart…

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#Purposeful Living Entrepreneurs Corner

Business Lessons Learnt From Tobias And Titus Igwe

Hi hi people! How’s you all doing? I hope there are no casualties from the season’s chop chop?(Casualty being loo things,hehe) I have a post lined up that’s supposed to go live tomorrow but I couldn’t help but write about this. I really didn’t want to write but I am still awake, tossing and turning from thinking about it so let me just go ahead and write it already. Every time I ask God for inspiration,He always delivers. And today…

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