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#Purposeful Living Entrepreneurs Corner Sound Financial Wisdom

Financial Wisdom On Dealing With Profit From Your Business

I remember telling a friend of mine that I have some places I would love to travel to this June but that I am not certain if I will go because of the cost of traveling down there. And his reply to me may have been a joke but as usual, it set the wheels turning in my head… He said “you are a business woman nah, you have the money to travel jare” I was about launching into a…

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#Purposeful Living Entrepreneurs Corner

Have You Planted?

Happy New Week everyone! Today’s words on Monday’s Inspirational Drive is for all entrepreneurs but still, stick around everyone, you will certainly get some tips that will help you in whatever plans you have in your heart to accomplish. Last week, I had made plans and had ideas streaming in me for business deals. When it was time to step out of my house to try and make those ideas a reality though, I didn’t want to go out. I…

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