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#Online Bible Study

He Surrounds Me With Favour As My Shield!

Hello dearies, How’s you week/year going? I am very sorry that I didn’t publish any post on monday (and if you didn’t even notice, then a big, very big side eye to you) I wasn’t going to post anything today too(wanted to chill for the week and make blog plans for the year) but I have just got a bit of a word for us for #online Bible Study. Couldn’t rest till I typed it out and I hope it…

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Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

Drop The Baggage…

Dear Single ladies and gentlemen, This is my first love letter to you for the year 2015 and I am excited. I am excited to see just how much insight and revelation God gives to us on godly relationships. I am excited to see just how much we are all inspired to take the back seat and let God write our love story. It is my prayer that in this 2015, God will teach us, guide us and lead us…

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