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#Online Bible Study

Do You Look Like Jesus?

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve tried and tried to write a Bible study on God’s love and it just won’t come out right. I mean, I get insight on it but something’s missing. I replied to Vicky’s comment…

#Online Bible Study

Have You Received This Gift?

So it’s wednesday again! And another time to dig into what God has for us in His Word for our online family. Let me take a minute to say that if you are one of those who keep coming…

#Online Bible Study

What Do We Do When Our Faith Is Shaken?

Nathaniel Bassey posted something on twitter a while back about ministers. He said “you are not a minister if you don’t worship God without the microphone. You are to minister unto the Lord first and he changes your life…

#Online Bible Study

Will I Still Trust God If I Was Raped?

A lot people know the grade with which I graduated from Law School. I certainly made sure of that, what with my writing a post about See the post here if you haven’t, it will put today’s Bible…

#Online Bible Study

Prayers For Imperfectly Perfect Lives

I have been church hunting for a while now… I am not one of those who is content with just prosperity teachings in Churches. Business lessons from the Bible is good and I have benefited from them but when…