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Getting Married Without A Groom Love&Relationships

Getting Married Without A Groom Part 8

“And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.” Romans 4:21 KJV ___________________________________________ If you missed the last chapter click here **** Chapter 8 Now I was balling. In Christ. My boyfriend expected me to come back to him as usual, groveling and begging but this time an encounter had changed my entire life. And I was just about to discover how life-changing this encounter really was. After about two weeks of not seeing…

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Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

Debate! Why You Should Marry A Believer…

  Goodmorning blog readers, panel of judges, accurate time keeper and of course my co-debaters. My name is Frances Oghenerukevwe Okoro and I am here to support the motion that it is better to marry a Christian believer than just any other douche bag. I apologize for using that harsh word my esteemed readers and listeners but I searched all over and found no better word to encapsulate the person of a cheat, liar, batterer (insert other ill virtues here)…

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#Online Bible Study

The Oasis International Conference – Thirsty… Day One!

For the next four days I will write or try to write for souls like me that need to be filled with the Spirit of God.   Some of us think about who we were in time past and we wonder where that tongue speaking, burning for God lady/guy went. Some of us are almost walking corpses. We eat and drink and people around us think that we are functioning as we should but our Spirit is dead inside. We…

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