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Personal Memoirs

For Those Who Want To Know What Grade I Left Law School With…#My Testimony

One of the upsides of having the Holy Spirit within you is that you are almost never down except you want to be. If you are willing to listen, He whispers words of encouragement to you, comfort and faith to you even in tense situations and that’s what He did to me yesterday when I saw my result. I was however not okay with that. I wanted to feel all the mixed emotions. Confusion, doubt and disappointment… I had imagined…

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Frances's Love Letters

So What Does Faith Have To Do With Finding The Right Man To Marry?

My fellow single men and ladies, How una dey? Me? I dey fine oh, just been thinking a bit about how almost all my conversations with people end. Almost all of them end with the other people saying “oya go find that kain man na”.   What kind of man you think? Well, when I say my man won’t cheat on me, they say – “oya go find that kain man na”. When I say my man will be like…

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#Online Bible Study

Blasting In Tongues Of Insults…

Hello Everyone! How’s your week been so far? Amazing yeah? Sorry I haven’t posted since eh,I’ve been up to my neck stuck in here…. Monday-Friday,Na Here! I noticed “one not so good something” that happens with us virtuous ladies this week.It has occurred up to two times in my presence this week and I think that we should talk about it. You see…

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