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What Do We Do When Our Faith Is Shaken?

Nathaniel Bassey posted something on twitter a while back about ministers. He said “you are not a minister if you don’t worship God without the microphone. You are to minister unto the Lord first and he changes your life before He changes other lives through you”(paraphrased)   I am inclined to agree that it’s the same for Christian writers/bloggers. You can’t have anything to give out to others if you are not connected with God and most of what you…

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Guest Post: We Have A More Sure Word Of Prophesy By Temitope Banks

Hello Sweeties… Happy New month! From January to December 2014, God has been faithful!!! So was this year really our year of greater? Well, I will leave that answer for another post but what I do believe is that the year isn’t gone yet, we have some 27days to still get some stuff done and get some goals clicked and I say let’s go for it! Get whatever goals you can still get done!!!   I apologize for Monday’s Inspirational…

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