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Just Because He Knows What He’s Doing With My Life…

Dear God, I need a change. Any change. Some change. Something to let me know that my life isn’t just wasting away. At least let me get the job and go out like normal people per day… *sobs and sobs and sobs* -Tuesday August 16th 2016   I have been dished a lot of lies by satan since this week and I won’t even go into the risk of repeating them. But even one of the lies was that I…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose NYSC Youths Speak Reflections Of Ex-Corpers On NYSC Year Well Spent

Frances Okoro: Reflections Of An Ex-corper On Her Meaningful Service Year (Interview)

Hi people! I hope you are loving the day that Friday is? Workers, students… can I get a yay? 🙂   Okay. Like I mentioned in my Chronicles of my last day as a youth corper post, (click on the link and read if you haven’t yet :-))  my friend David Adeyemi who was a part of Awakening Youths on the blog sent in some questions for me to answer on my NYSC year. So I thought “what better way to wrap…

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