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Chronicles Of My October 12 Trip Challenge: Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State

Hi people! So finally, this is my last pending #12TripChallenge Chronicle that I have to share and end the looming “carry over posts:” that I might have if I am not careful…   I went to Ikogosi warm springs for my October trip. Its the place where warm and cold water meets at a point but never mixes… amazing yes? I set out at about past 11 or so and got there by 12pm. Entry fee to the place is…

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Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

The 12 Trip Challenge For All Single Ladies

Dear single lady, Today I want to tell you a story and I hope that we all learn a bit from it. I would have gotten married about 3years ago if I had agreed for a certain banker. He was nice, kind and didn’t drink alcohol. He said he liked me. I was young, fresh, had a beautiful smile and a free spirit. We met in a Bank. He told me he wasn’t playing games, he didn’t want me for…

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