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Stand Fast; Keep Guard In Your Path Of Purpose

In January this year I had two dreams that showed me that satan wasn’t happy with what the Lord has given to me to do for Him. At the time I was a bit lax with my prayer life…well because I was in a wilderness season and I had taken a kind of break from “active Christianity” to deaden myself to some things which I felt like God had not done for me. I don’t watch movies; I screen them…

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Upcoming Events On Imperfectly Perfect Lives (Book Reading And Visit To Correctional Centre)

Happy December everyone! How are you guys doing? Hope December has been an awesome month so far? It’s been an amazing year for me… so amazing! Only this year, we’ve had the book launch, the book reading/discussion on purpose at Ekiti State Correctional centre, and then the singles hangout this past month… God has been amazing but I’ve still got a bit of some events to wrap up the year with…   (1) I’ve been talking about my upcoming book…

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Awakening Youths Books And eBooks Resources Christian Writers And Bloggers Corner

First Book Reading/Discussion On Purpose: Yes, You Are Worthy!

I can still remember that day like yesterday… I had just been given a nomination form to serve as an executive at my fellowship in the university… and my first response was NO. In fact my NO was so emphatic, it was accompanied with tears. When I was asked by the then vice president why I didn’t want to serve as an executive, I made excuses (in tears) that I wasn’t ready… But the real truth was that I felt…

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Personal Memoirs

Chronicles Of My Last Week In Ekiti State (The End Of My NYSC Year)

I would have said “my last week as a youth corper” in the title above but technically I passed out of NYSC since October 15th (yes, I know I didn’t blog about it, but you guys know I love chronicling my life on the blog so we’ll see how this week will go for that). I’m traveling out of Ekiti State today, like finally finally except something brings me back here and I can’t help but be so thankful to…

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#Purposeful Living Books And eBooks Resources Christian Writers And Bloggers Corner

A Sneak Peek From My Upcoming Book

Hello dears, I hope you had a great weekend? So of course, since I am a darling, I thought to give you guys a preview of my upcoming book. I have lived out each step of my upcoming book “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” and I am basically at this step of “Launching Out Into The Deep”. This is actually the last step in the book – it’s a bonus step after the basic 10steps… one of the steps…

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#Purposeful Living Share Your Story; Own Your Brokenness Series

From Taking A Life To Having Abundant Life

*NOTE* You get three for the cost(or time) of one in today’s post. You get a free PDF of a more awesome version of the post you’d read below… You get the post itself… And you get a video of my speaking on the story God wanted me to share. Yes, what I didn’t mention last week when I introduced the share your story series was the fact that after my conversation with God on sharing my story in the…

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