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Sparks,Sparks,Sparks,Fireworks In My Eyes!!!

This feeling of helplessness almost made me cry...

This feeling of helplessness almost made me cry…

Today,I got a BBM message from one of my learned friends:

Him:the post u wrote on goodlooking guys who dont take care of their hygiene..u originally wrote that or u edited it?

Me:yeah,its my own work,if it was someone else’s I’ll credit it back to them.why?

Him:Then congratulations dear.
Ur blog is bein celebrated then!
I just got a series of re-broadcast on my bbm contact.lemme share it with you.

Till I saw the BC and found out that it was copied word for word from my blog with no link to the owner of the work or where it was lifted from.

I saw red!*fire,fire,FIREWORKS*!!!
Flashing right in front of my eyes.

And my friend even asked me if I was the original writer or I edited from somewhere else?
I vex more!

My head went into overdrive and I ranted and ranted via my pm on BBM(I shouldn’t have done that)
I said I will find them and sue their asses dry(very funny,how I wan take see them??)
I said wordpress should make provision for an approval page for the owner of the blog to approve even a fullstop being lifted off the blog.
I felt really bad…
And then I calmed down.

Abegi jor,all that was an exercise in futility.
I do know I can’t sue them because I haven’t registered my Intellectual Property Rights(though all works on my blog are copyrighted to the owner but I still stand to be corrected in this)
And I don’t really know the person and its not worth going to look for them…

Who really cares whether it was lifted without being credited to me?
The really important thing was that the message was being passed across.
Popularity or whatever aside,God was still using what he has placed in me to bless lives.
And that is the most important thing.

My work being shared also means that it was good enough to be shared.
I don’t even know if it is good enough to be shared because to me,I just started and I am still at the far end of the stick…
But someone felt that way.
So I should be saying thank you!
Thank you,thank you(insert plenty hugs and kissess)

The only thing is:
Reason am with me please…
How would you feel if you saw your work somewhere and there was nothing to show that it was your work.

Infact,bring it closer to home.
How would you feel if I copied and pasted your article on my blog or facebook page without crediting you?

Mad huh?
Well that’s how I felt.
I am sorry I went into a ranting rage.
And I think some persons may not really be conversant with the essence of crediting the owner of an article or any kind of work even.

There’s something called Plagiarism(pls check it out yourself,I can’t define here because this post is long enough as it is)
And when you copy and send articles without crediting the owner,that’s inadvertly what you are doing.

And now that you know what you are really doing,I am sure it won’t happen again.

And I want to use this opportuinity to say I really appreciate you for sharing.
Because I truly don’t even know if my writings are worth sharing.
But you think they are so thank you.
But if you really want to help me like I know you do,add the link to my blog or my name to the next article you share.
I know you can do it because you love me.
And I love you too.
But if you forget to do that when you share again,I won’t go into a ranting rage because it doesn’t really matter(see reasons above)And the absolute truth is I won’t be here writing if you are not there.
You are my oga’s and Madam’s.
There’s no writer or blog without a reader.
And I appreciate you all more than words can say.

You know I solicit for and desire a wide readership.
So please help me help myself.
Share the link to my blog/affix my
name as the owner of the article next time you share.

Here is the link;
And my name is Frances.

So just add Frances and the link beneath the article and bingo!
That’s it.

Plenty thanks and plenty hugs!
Enjoy your weekend!!

PS:To Dan,my fellow esq that wants to major in Intellectual Property Law because of me,I say welldone!
Naija needs the like of u to set the pace for others to follow.
God knows that Naija’s take on IP Law is appalling.we need people like you.

I know I have said enjoy your weekend before but again,enjoy the rest of your weekend!
#Much Love!

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    October 17, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Aww, really nice blog. let me go look for the famous blogpost

    • Reply
      October 17, 2013 at 5:28 pm

      Thanks a lot Toin.
      The “famous” blog post may not be the one u think sef,I didn’t believe it would be re-bc(d).u can guess sha.
      Thanks for visiting my blog,visit time and time again.I’ve also been on urs severally,just haven’t commented yet.lemme follow ur blog so I can get notifications of posts as e dey hot.*smiles*

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