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Shola Egbe: From Lesbianism, Abortion And Boys To Jesus; Just Jesus

I had a nice childhood. I wouldn’t say I was sad, deprived or a depressed girl. I would say I was a girl who was ignorant of who Jesus is to me. I remember I had encounters with Jesus when I was around 6 till about 8. I did not know what they were then. I knew Jesus wanted me, but I did not know what for.
I was being used by Jesus in some ways, but I was unaware till the Holy Spirit reminded me recently. I had dreams of the conflicts happening now in Nigeria when I was around 7 years old. I am sharing this part because a lot of parents are unaware of what Jesus is doing through their children. If you have the opportunity to raise a child or stay with one over some time please pay attention to them.
Fast forward to 100 level in the University, I had had a sexual encounter with a girl. Thank God He delivered me fast from that deep trap.By year two I had finally had a boyfriend “officially” lol, tall, dark and handsome i tell you. I was ready to show off his picture at any time. And this was when my ignorance caught up really fast with me. Within a year we were sleeping together, I thought I was in love. I say “I thought I was in love” because until you’ve encountered God’s love, Satan will sell anything to you as love. And that’s how it is with everything, until you’ve encountered the original, the fake will continually be sold you; be it happiness, success, wealth, friendships.
Less that a year of us dating I got pregnant. My world stood still. I was crushed in every sense of the word. I tried to convince him to tell our parents. That was not happening, so we decided to have an abortion. How had I gone so far, so fast, sunk so deep so fast.
I was all smiles, I don’t think anyone would have known what a mess I was. But Jesus knew. Hallelujah. He was not late He was right on time. I hadn’t gone so far that He couldn’t reach me, I hadn’t sunk so deep that He couldn’t pick me up.
I remember that day so so so clearly. The tug on my heart was so intense. I was so quiet, and I don’t mean just my mouth, my mind, my heart, my very being was so still. I got dressed, it was around 12noon, I was walking but felt like I was running like a fox whose tail was on fire. I got to my chaplains office, Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare, God bless You sir.
And the words that came out of my mouth were, how do I know Jesus, I want to know Him, I want to hear Him. And he prayed with me.
I remember the warmth of God’s love in that moment. It was like a really warm, soft, thick blanket with a hug. I could have sworn someone physically covered and hugged me in that moment. I cried, I laughed. It’s unforgettable.
I remember what I wore that day; I seldom take out the outfit from my box, but once in a while I just pick it up and smile or cry. It was on  the 14th of Febuary 2013 (intentional right) Jesus practically hijacked my Valentine’s day. No matter where I am on that day, no matter how single I am, it’s a day I’m never alone. It was the day I met the authentic Lover.
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    Thank God for you and God bless you for sharing

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