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Hi guys!

Hope you had a great weekend.

So I sent this to only those on the Aspiring Authors list today but I realize that there maybe others who haven’t signed up to that list but would benefit from what I shared.

Please sign up HERE if you haven’t and I hope the words below makes a change in the way you go forward towards your book dreams..



Happy new week my dear writer friend!

I am so excited to be writing this email to you all… its my very first  email to the aspiring authors who DELIBERATELY signed up on this list.

I stress the word DELIBERATELY because I believe you are a champ who just doesn’t want your dreams to die with you… but wants to do all that  you can to birth your visions to life.

Congratulations on taking this first step towards fulfilling your book dreams.

I listened to a message from Myles Munroe that my friend Mobolaji of www.omobolaji.com sent me (Mobolaji is a recent author by the way) and Myles spoke about the fact that the cemetery has always been the greatest thief on earth.

The cemetery is a home to lots of dreams that never saw the light of day…
Home to lots of songs that were never sung…
Home to lots of books that never saw the light of day…
And as an aspiring author, the best we can offer to God is to DIE EMPTY.

Please don’t go back to our Heavenly Father with that book that has locked inside of it, the answer to a young man/ladies problems…
I know that you think that your book is just about you, but its not.

A soul is in need of God’s solution locked inside of you.

Please release that solution…starting with this week.

I am currently an author of three booksbut I have locked inside of me book tittles that I haven’t even started working on yet and guess what?
I am deciding by God’s grace to not let the cemetery steal the potentials God has put inside of me.

I hope that you make that decision too.

In line with tips I shared in week 2 of our “Road To Self Publishing Course’, I am making plans to get on:

(1) “The Road To Self Publishing Free Ebook”.
It should be out on Tuesday October 18th 2016.
Watch out for your pretty copy via email.

(2) To work on the current “The Women At The Well Publication” that we are currently on.
I am working on a particular topic and hope to be done by this week.

How will I achieve this?
I will take my laptop and basically sit on it from perhaps 12pm till in the evening or from 5pm to 9pm depending on how NEPA favors me.

See how I set my plans above?

Go on.

Set some writing goals and plans for this week.

If You need help and a community to help you, join our FREE Facebook group for aspiring authors HERE.

Don’t forget to keep in touch on YoutubeHERE to watch “The Crazy Faith Stunts Of Christian Authors” that will be out this week.

Have a purpose filled week ahead.
Love and light,
Frances Okoro,
PS: If you need help to navigate your walk in purpose,  my book “10Steps To Walking In Purpose” will be of great help to you.


At Correctional Centere, Ekiti State

At Correctional Centere, Ekiti State

Download the Free PDF below




And order for your hard copies on Konga HERE


P. P.S: Incase you need to ask questions or just need encouragement, I am here, I reply emails maybe a bit late, but I think its better than calls.
The Facebook group too helps me to keep in touch with you while holding your hand through your journey.

So please join up HERE and tell a friend who needs this 🙂




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