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Recounting Testimonies Of God’s Divine Provision

I have a lot of faith journeys to do this year.

And the way things are coming up is unreal.

Firstly, I had been so beaten down by 2016 my mind was blank about 2017. All I wanted to do was to get back to my vine.

But then from TWTW Warri meet God began to speak to my heart. He had things for me to do.

And just like God, they are some big and scary things.

First the book launch of “prayers for your future husband” doubling as a meet with ladies to hold in Port Harcourt.

Then The women at the well first book and meet… all in February 2017.


Yesterday I was getting a bit worried about provision, funds, etc when I went to watch a video I and Bolaji had done on “The Crazy Faith Stunts Of Christian Authors” (video will be at the end of this post).

And I realized that one of the tips we shared to walking a faith journey is to walk in thanksgiving.

So I decided that for today’s #OnlineBibleStudy, I will simply thank God for how far He has brought me on divine provision deal.


I started my NGO in 2015 with nothing but plans in my head.

I wanted to hold seminars in Girls Secondary Schools and organize skill acquisition classes but had no funds.

I simply shared my plans on the blog without asking for funds and next thing, I got mails from blog family who wanted to sow into what God was doing with me.

This was without me even asking!

I had the full cash for the work I was to do for the entire year!

I still remember Lord, thank You Jesus!


Towards the end of that same year, God had taken it higher, He wanted me to write and publish my first book “10 steps to walking in purpose”.

I had not a dime again. Or rather, I had savings for 100 copies but God said it’s more than that. He placed the desire in me for 1000 copies (which are almost all out today by the way).

I started faithing it!

I invited people for book launch without having cash knowing that God won’t fail me and He didn’t.

An exercise on teaching young girls about their God-given gifts

my books!

With Genesis…God bless you the way only He can for me

In one day I had people calling in telling me God laid it in their hearts to do this and that.

I cried at the office as the alerts kept coming in. Not only that, I had divine helpers like Genesis who carried my matter on their head.

I still remember Lord, thank you Jesus.


I came into Lagos after the book launch with little money wondering if Pastor Nat really meant He would hold a launch for me.

I used to be so fearful at God’s promises then, wondering if it would come to pass or not.

I and Pastor Nat..peek from my awesome weekend!

But in a twist of favour, the launch at Lagos held, with cheques coming in and me bawling my eyes out in tears.

I still remember Lord, thank you Jesus!


I remember the book reading it was to be on “sharing our stories”.

A sister took on the provision of the refreshment in totality, this was someone who I have never met before.

Smiles from the author

I still remember Lord, thank you Jesus!


What about in January 2016 when I wanted to register the NGO? God told me to do it but as usual I had no money.

But chose to rest in Him. He sent someone who did it without taking any fees and even added her own money. How can someone stretch herself like that for another person?

It can only be God,

I remember getting a mail from someone asking for my details, I thought it was scam. It wasn’t. From a far country God sent the provision for the NGO, all paid for and done.

I still remember Lord, thank you Jesus!


What about TWTW Meets? All through last year.

I only knew that I was to hold meets, where would refreshment, etc come from?

I knew not.

The July Meet was especially mind blowing.


We just agreed in admin team for finances and the next thing we had people calling to ask if we had all we needed. Someone sowing into the work and us having a venue that cost some thousands for free.

I still remember Lord, thank you Jesus.


What about “Making a difference with your NYSC Year” book.

I had cried and cried on not having enough.

I got up from a crying and praying stint one day to someone sowing dollars into the work God has given me.

Not just that, God laid it in someone’s heart to fund the book project.

First day I saw my books… had to go to the clinic after this..just snapped a picture for memories sake

Who does that?

For a small girl such as me?

All you Lord.


What about the one that happened this last Sunday?

I went to speak somewhere, as usual was led to give out the books for a really low price. I obeyed.

Was leaving after God did amazing things at that meeting and was handed an envelope with extra being given into my books.

There is no way they could have known that I am in the middle of writing a book and launch date is close and the funds aren’t complete.


What about all through last year?

I had no 9-5 but I stayed faithful on the blog, TWTW, books, speaking engagements that came through, etc.

And how God provided for me I cannot explain.

I never went hungry.

Even after the deal on having no clothes, after dealing with my mindset, God tugged on a sister to give me clothes. I bought no dress last year (no money anyway) but still God changed my wardrobe.

What about times when I would cry to the Lord about food and the next thing someone would credit my account?


I know that it is not a difficult thing for the Lord to get me settled in a 9-5, but I believe that where God is taking me, I will be required to throw a lot of faith stunts, requiring money that looking only unto God can bring so I believe that God is trying to train me with these little things.


So now it’s time for another book launch and ladies event at a city I am a stranger to and again I have to go higher in faith to bring the funds.

I am reminded that it is the same God who has done the past ones for me that will do the future deals.

He never changes.


Today I just want to say thank you Lord!

I see your hands at work in my life.



I share a relationship with you that blows me away most times.

I send up a request and you answer.

Nothing you have ever told me to do has ever lacked finances or helpers.

You know how to bear me up with your hands so I never falter.


My Daddy, my first husband.

Today I just want to say ‘I STILL REMEMBER LORD, THANK YOU JESUS!”


And for everyone who God has used in one way or the other on my journey in Him, I cannot repay you, I know you know that. But obedience isn’t easy to come by in today’s world and God rewards obedience in Him.

From my heart: May you also never lack helpers in your journey in Jesus name, amen!



Have some faith walk to do this year like I do?

Try thanksgiving.

Remember the past and see  the future.

Its the same God and He is still on the throne.






Christian author like me?

Watch the video below for practical steps on how to walk your own faith journey.



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  • Reply
    Adeola Adeyemo
    January 18, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Thank you for sharing these awesome testimonies. God always steps in right on time. And He always makes a provision when you walk according to His will. God bless you Frances.


    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      January 18, 2017 at 9:55 pm

      He sure does Adeola!
      Blows me away most times.
      Amen and thank you!

  • Reply
    January 18, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Wow ! This is… Words fail me. WHO DID IT? JESUS! OMG, WOW. He surely will do more than you expect. You know ABBA likes to show off 😉

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      January 19, 2017 at 11:17 am

      Amen and amen.
      Who did it JESUS!!! All the glory to Him.

      *Love Benita

  • Reply
    January 19, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    So nice and uplifting to read. And a reminder to always give thanks and having faith. You are correct. God is training you to trust and depend on him for EVERYTHING. That’s a lesson I am having to learn. It’s harder than I expected, let me just confess. But I am learning.
    I was reading about Elijah and the Ravens who brought him food yesterday, aand the angel that brought him food and water twice today. And i realized how much God takes even what we will eat and drink personally. I was reminded of the words of Jesus( and I am not quoting word for word) not to take much thought about our what we will eat or clothe, and that if God can feed the Ravens and clothe the lilies so beautifully, how much more us?

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      January 24, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      I agree with you dear Bisola.
      The lesson on total dependence on God is so hard but worth it.

      And knowing that God is sooo interested even in our meals is sooo comforting. Thank you Jesus!

  • Reply
    January 20, 2017 at 3:36 am

    This is beautiful. God is indeed faithful. In the season of nothing, there is enough because . . . God.

    I bless God’s Spirit IN you, Frances. There is yet more.

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