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Recap From ‘Return To Your First husband’ Port Harcourt Ladies Event By Goodness Weme-Mercy

So I started hearing ‘when God writes your love story’ since late last year and it didn’t really dawn on my that this was it until the week of the programme. I know this is just the beginning cos God still have more in store for me concerning this matter, He wants me to know that He alone can write the perfect love story for me but first I must return to my first husband.

We had a panel discussion on ‘sex and the single lady’ that refused to end (lol) with the ladies baring their hearts out and I learnt so much from the discussion which I’ve listed below:
1) Have a prayer altar: This point cannot be overemphasized. Not a physical altar in this case rather I should have a blossoming relationship with God not just a ‘hit and run’ kind of relationship. I have to invest in my relationship with God. If I do not I can be misled in the area of marriage cos it is when I have a relationship with Him that He can reveal things to me (a lady shared her own testimony how she got a revelation of a guy even before she had contact with him, that when he eventually came she remembered and that was how she was delivered from the relationship).
Also when I have a prayer altar, when I have a relationship with God He would reveal to me things about my husband so that when the storms come even in marriage I would have a word to hold on to. There would come a time when I would not love him the way I used to, it is that word from God that would keep me going and it is that love that would help me to get to a state where I keep loving my husband as Christ loves me despite his weaknesses as human.
2) I should dedicate myself to God’s service and get to the point where I’ll be able to say: ‘Oh Lord, marriage or not, I’ll still serve you’.
3) I should not give God a stipulated time to get marriage so that I don’t run into wrong relationships out of desperation. He knows what’s best for me and the right timing to bring it to come.
4) Child training (very essential): no one mentioned this explicitly but the man in our midst (Sis. Nkechi’s hubby) made mention of the fact that he was introduced to sex and porn by their house help at a very tender age so much so that as a child he started wanting to have sex and he got so addicted even up till when he was engaged to be married. Who do I leave my kids with? I can not always be with them but then the people I leave them with are they God fearing? Am I so busy that the gift God has given me turns into a burden. I should remember that I’ll give account of those kids. What will I tell God on that day?
Still on child training, a lady shared how she got herself disvirgined just because her parents didn’t trust her and were always accusing her of sleeping around even when she was still a virgin, so she just had to do it so she could know that the accusations were true. I have to develop my relationship with my children (female especially). Let them find me trustworthy enough to share their burden with me cos if they don’t they must surely tell someone who might advise them wrongly. I shouldn’t use the secrets they come to share with me in confidence against them or to blackmail them. They are kids trying to find their place in this evil world. My prayer is that God would help me not to fail in parenting cos that’s the area that scares me most.
5) God cannot give me an imperfect gift. Therefore, when He says ‘this is him’ all I have to do is obey. I do not need to know the sexual features of hubby before marriage. I do not need to have sex with him before marriage just to know if he can perform or can satisfy me in bed cos God can never give me an imperfect gift. Besides whatever issues I have, the Holy Spirit is there to teach and guide me. In the words of Frances ‘I can talk to Him about my sex life, He’ll teach me all things even how to have satisfying and pleasurable sex’.
6) Sex is worship. I should desire the kind of sex that I can boldly have and still thank God for the privilege of sharing such gift with someone and that can only be possible within the context of marriage.
Our mama Frances spoke to us on returning to our first husband that is God Himself (Isaiah 54:5). God is my first husband but does He really have the first place in my life?. She also shared with us on the passage in revelation that says ‘Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus’. Can I boldly say ‘Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus’. As a bride of Christ can I confidently say ‘come, Lord Jesus’.
Christ is coming for a pure church without spot, without wrinkle how ready am I for His coming? What is the state of my heart right now: the pride, unforgiveness, malice, hatred, attention-seeking, doing good just to get the accolades of men and not really seeking to please God (this was what got my attention most cos God has been dealing with me in this area).
Why do I do what I do-is it as a service to God or just to hear that ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ and all other commendation from men. Can I be able to do such good even when one would recognize and congratulate me? This led us to a rededication of our lives to God asking Him for mercy and pardon and grace to live for Him, to live a life that pleases Him and have that state of heart that is without spot or wrinkle.
My earnest desire and prayer is that I will never leave my first husband not for anything that this world can offer. That I’ll be able to say with all boldness and confidence: ‘Amen! Even so, come Lord Jesus’. That I’ll have that state of heart that is without spot or wrinkle while expecting Christ’s return.
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