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Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series || What Every Single Lady Should Know About Marriage

Hi everyone!
How are you all doing?

So we are still on our “Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series”.
If you missed the first post in this series, click HERE.

So today we’ll be talking about what every single lady should know about marriage.
As I pondered on this series and the direction God would want me to take, it came to me that one can’t go into an institution they know next to nothing about right?
If God is preparing us for marriage, then it stands to reason that part of His focus would be on getting us to know His heart concerning marriage.
He would want us to go into His Word and get His mind concerning this whole deal and so that’s where we are starting up from today.
So watch the video on my Youtube Channel HERE or at the end of this post

And due to requests, I have endeavored to convert the videos to audio so those who can’t stream it can download and listen.

Download today’s words by clicking here—>–%20What%20Every%20Single%20Lady%20Should%20Know%20About%20Marriage.mp3?dl=0

And download the first audio in this series here—>

And share to every single lady you know please.

The world is trying so hard to destroy this wonderful institution of God. Let’s do our part in spreading light in darkness. Thank you!




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  • Reply
    June 17, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    What is up? Remember me? Okay I will be honest. I have been dodging your link. Truth is bitter, sometimes. Wasn’t in the mood for medicine. But this link has been in haunting my brain since. So today I vexed and decided to click. And while there is 1 thing I might not quite agree with…. which is that there’s this 1 PERSON. Dunno. Mathematics and statistics things.

    But lets free that. I actually agree with the purpose alignment thing. I totally understand. I actually concluded that last year. I have been big into fitness for years, as I told you months back. So much so that my mom got me a job at a gym. And one thing I have noticed is women who don’t take physical fitness seriously or even consider it, I automatically am happy that things didn’t work out. Why? I grew up with a dad slowly dying diabetes. And if you asked him, he would say that it was his old ways of eating anyhow and booze that brought diabetes to his door. So over time i have taken my health more and more seriously. One thing he said is “there are 2 ways to health. Divine blessing and…..WE TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES”. So it is our responsibility to take care of our bodies (God’s temple). when we go around eating because it is sweet and not because it is healthy, we’re damaging our bodies and hindering it from being in optimal shape for God to use. I came to this realization when pondering on purpose and stuff. So while It is true that I want my wife and I to be sexy even at 40+, it’s possible we wont be that sexy. But when you’re healthy and exercise, you will look good. That’s a given. You might not look like Thor from the movie, or Kim K, based on genetics and bone structure but you will look better than you did when you didn’t care for your body as much. There’s so much I want to type but I’m at work and duty calls.

    Oh i also conculded that if i am to marry, I don’t need to be “In love”. That feeling doesnt last that long and basing a life time contract based on that feeling alone is….silly, to say the least. So when I told a female human friend that So far as we tick each others life-direction boxes and she takes fitness seriously, I’m down. If not…well… no long term commitment. Cuz i need to be in a house with a woman who takes her heath serious so Iron can sharpen Iron, know what I am sayin’ ;)…This was good talk.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      July 3, 2016 at 10:55 pm

      Thanks o_see,
      Good to see you here again. So I should be praying for blog titles to hunt your brain eh? Okay, I know now…

      How do I explain this one person deal?
      I kind of don’t mean it in the context of one person in the whole wide world, I mean it in the context of there is someone who has been prepared to complement you, your purpose and attributes and it isn’t everyone who can be that person.
      We see people who lost their wife/husband to death remarrying again and one of the cases that struck me was Derek and Ruth Prince (pls try and get the book “God is a matchmaker by them),
      Derek lost his first wife and then God led him to Ruth as another wife, and even at that, there were certain characters and attributes that Ruth had that just were meant to help Derek in the fulfillment of what God had for his life.
      So I mean it in that context.

      That said, I love your emphasis on fitness, this girl here has to get back on track… but then I also think that there are things that can be worked on and some that are absolutely non-negotiable.
      Fitness for you seems like a non-negotiable and I cant argue with that, but I believe that as led by God, we must know what are the things that are workable and the non-negotiable.

      And yes, feelings are too fickle to base marriage on, love is a decision anyway, a decision to do 1corinthians 13 long after the feelings fade away.

      All in all, as God teaches us on this institution of His, i pray we learn, yield and obey.

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