Love&Relationships Preparation To Be A Wife 101 Series

Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series (The End)

…Or its not quite the end…
The preparation continues till God brings us into the marital season of our lives.

But for now, here on the blog, we are done.

It has been an awesome two months on here, filming videos and trying to share on some areas of preparation on how to be a wife that God laid in my heart. And I have not just shared, I have also been drilled and taught all the way.
Yes, somehow I was the one sharing the words, but I was also living the words and I am still living the words I shared (seeing as I am still a single girl who God takes delight in drilling lessons into her head 🙂


My prayer for us on here who have followed the series or anyone who stumbles unto this space even years after now is that, we would let God work on our lives, remove the things that shouldn’t be and replace the things that should be in us…
And that we would be single ladies who are wives, ready to be found by God’s chosen son in Jesus name, amen.

So if somehow, this is your first post here, you can watch the video of each episode on the series below…

And find the catalogue of posts in this category HERE.


Till next time on here (maybe that will be when we share our God written love stories 🙂


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