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Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series || A Wife As A Nurturer

Hi guys!

Welcome to third episode in the video series of “Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101”!

Just as a bit of recap, we have dealt with who a wife is; dismantling the belief that a wife only becomes a wife when she has a ring on her finger… we have learnt that even a single lady has to be a wife before she is found by her husband.

We have also learnt that the first port of call in preparing to be a wife is to know about the institution of marriage according to the one – God who created it.

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So today we are looking at “a wife as a nurturer”.

That one word “nurturer” from one of our recent study at “The Women At The Well” group has stuck to my head and refused to leave.

Ruth can be said to be a nurturer, following a bitter mother-in-law home and at the end, bringing so much joy into her life.

The Proverbs 31 woman also planted a dry vineyard and ended up reaping fruit and profit from it…

You think being a nurturer just means that you nurture the kids in your womb? THINK AGAIN.


So we will be pondering some important questions today…
Can your womb birth both physical and spiritual children to life?
Can you plant in a bare vineyard/life and cause it to bring forth increase with the light in you?
Can you help to birth a man’s vision to life?

Are you yet a wife in this aspect of being a nurturer?


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Someone out there just may need this series to prepare better for the next phase and cut off the thought that they are waiting for God when God is actually waiting for them, to be ready to be a wife.



This series goes up every two weeks so I will see you guys with the next episode on Saturday June 11th 2016.


Till Our Next Episode On This Series…




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