Love&Relationships Preparation To Be A Wife 101 Series

Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series: A Wife As A Maker And Financial Guru

Hi guys!
Welcome to another episode on the “Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series!”

In today’s episode we would be digging into the lesson that actually started this series.
I suddenly had these words from “Proverbs 31” ringing in my head… “she looks well to her own household”.

God sure knew that that woman wasn’t me and He wanted me to work on that.

SO join us as we delve into lessons on a wife being a homemaker and financial guru and hopefully, you will also allow God work in you as He has been doing in me even right now as a single lady.


And if you are just joining us, make sure to go back and follow through the previous episodes.

We have defined who a wife is inclusive of a single woman…

Dealt with “what every single woman should know about marriage”…

And then “a wife as a nurturer”…

And “a hospitable wife”.

And then a wife as an intercessor.

You can watch the videos and download the audio HERE.


And watch today’s episode on my youtube channel HERE or below…



Remember to share this to every single lady you know.


Till the next episode on this series,





PS: How many of you guys have confirmed attendance for “The Women At The Well” upcoming meet this July 30th 2016???

Ladies what are you waiting for?

First we will be having a panel discussion on “Navigating The Single Life’ which would also serve as our first TWTW talk show!
Then add to that words of wisdom on “marriage today” from “Aunty “Salt” Bola Essien-Nelson.
Then add to that fellowship with fellow godly sisters, drinks, food, sight seeing of Lekki Conservation Centre… truly, it beats me that you haven’t confirmed attendance yet.
PicMonkey Collage JULY MEET










Its two weeks to the D-day so please do me that mail confirming your attendance would you?
Lekki Conservation Centre takes an entry fee of 1000Naira and thats the only deal you have to pay.
We do need to plan adequately so pretty please confirm and not procrastinate.
Mail at
And guys you aren’t left out, tell your sisters or ladies you love to be a part of this. They will thank you and thank you and thank you.


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