#Purposeful Living Share Your Story; Own Your Brokenness Series

Prayers On The Share Your Story Series + Video Of Me Sharing My Story

Happy new week everyone!
Hope you had an awesome weekend?
I’m throwing hugs and grace to go all out with what you need to do/what God has laid on your heart to do this week in Jesus name, amen.


I started writing this post and it was supposed to be titled “it’s a wrap on the share your story series”.
But I wrote it all and still felt like this series is incomplete.
Like it’s not time to wrap up.
I personally feel like it is meant to be run for longer… so let’s use today to say some prayers like it’s on my heart to do so.
I don’t know who’d send their story, but if there’s none next week, I will wrap it up. Just going with what I feel today.

The persons I met to send in their stories are a bit jittery/not free enough to share the past… and that’s the reason why I want us to send some prayers their way.


Please pray first of all for everyone who shared their stories here – me, Bolaji, Efe Kotor, Ene and Anonymous… that God will perfect all He has started in our lives already.
Pray that what He has redeemed us from is indeed dead and gone and it won’t be resurrected by any cracks/opportunity that we give to it.
Pray that we will always rely on God’s strength to live in Him and please Him with our lives.
Pray that our lives will always be a testimony of God’s goodness and power and our lights will continue to burn for Christ.
And secondly, pray that for everyone who’s still held back by the past, that they will find strength in Christ Jesus to lay hold of the future that He has for them.
Their not sharing their stories based on fear simply also means that somehow, they are still held back by guilt, pain, shame and hurt. I know, I was there before.
So please pray for grace for them to obey in sharing their stories and also help others to heal through their healing in Christ Jesus.


I have also finally uploaded the video of me speaking on my story at a conference.
I shared more than my story and also lessons from the four women in Jesus’s genealogy + my heart desire to see ladies being totally sold out to God!
Trust me, even I didn’t know what God would do with me that day and I still pray for the young ladies that were just set free to speak to me about their issues. (that’s what sharing your story does and obedience despite fears does).

You can watch the video on my Youtube Channel here or below…


Hopefully, a word in there is meant for you too.
Bear with the quality of the video please, my words are clear enough, but I had to compress the size of the video for it to be uploaded and so it’s not that clear.
But still, the audio’s intact.

Watch it on my youtube channel here or below.


Till next time on Share Your Story series,




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