Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

On Purpose, Burden And Distractions

*Cleans cobwebs on the Awakening Youths section of the blog*
Hello people!
It’s been so quiet here yes?
I’m so sorry.
Of course if you read this post, you understand why I disappeared for a bit. But I am back now by God’s grace, revved up to do all that God has placed in me to do as a youth – as you should be too 🙂

I wrote this post in March but didn’t get around to posting it till now.
I almost didn’t have an Awakening Youths event for the month of March. I kept postponing the call I had to make to the school till students started exams and schools were almost closed for the session.
I didn’t even bother to go to the school that was on the list for my NYSC personal project but instead went to a school that was close to my house – a private school.
It didn’t go into my project file at NYSC but it goes into my project file on #WalkingInPurpose which brings me to my thoughts on Purpose and Burdens…

Some people wonder about how to know their purpose in life, about what step God wants them to take in fulfilling His plans for their lives and if they are on the right track.
When God has laid something in your heart to do, there’s a nudge towards it.
And there’s a certain emptiness that you feel when you don’t fulfil it.
There’s a pain in your heart at your not being able to do that which you should do and there’s a burden to see it through at all cost.
I was fine and all happy in that month of March but I knew something was missing.
There was a burden that wouldn’t go away. I had to make plans to organize the seminar at a school close to me by fire by force and I need not describe to you how “full” I felt afterwards.


Now just a bit of details on what went on(which should be a full post on its own but I am plugging it in here)
We had just two sessions without the skill acquisition training.
My CDS president graciously accepted to speak on “Academics and career aspirations” (even on short notice) and I spoke on “how to find your purpose in life”

CJ speaking to the students

CJ speaking to the students

And as usual, we had some of the students asking questions afterwards and I always pray that the words they heard would come to them when needed in the years to come.

CJNow why did I almost miss out on walking in purpose for the month of March?
Because I was distracted.
By what?
By laziness and by all other “good things.”
I think I started my small business in the month of March and was also going to the office everyday, so I just let time get away from me.
But here’s the thing…


We could be doing all the good things and still not be on track with what God wants us to do.
So distractions do not only come in the form of time wasting activities, they can come in the form of your business, your job, your relationship – all good things but not the mission that God has set you on.
The purpose God wants us to fulfil requires an urgency to be tied to it.
There’s a need for us to go about it and get to work like the servant given the 5 and 2 talents. If we aren’t careful, we would fall by the wayside and be distracted by things that do not really score points in the grand scheme of things.
We should master the art of setting our faces like a flint and walking in God’s purpose for our lives as God gives us grace to do so.
Otherwise we would end up walking aimlessly and being derailed from God’s path for us.
I pray that we will all walk in the grace for fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.
We will not be derailed and we will rely on God’s strength, not our own strength to see us through.

God help us all to #WalkInPurpose.


NYSC Youths Speak will start up on the blog soon, God willing.
I have a couple of interviews to post.
Btw, Batch B corpers just did their final clearance and will be passing out soon. And then I will have about 4months before I pass out too.
Oh, how time flies!
Even if no one appreciates this Awakening Youths section of the blog, I must say that I am grateful for it.
Writing and reading other people’s goals awakened a desire for “more” in me and set me on track for the year.
Times when I am weak, tired and being derailed, God just uses the fact that I put these plans out there to make me accountable.
Service year has been awesome – by God’s grace sef, my book on NYSC in in the works.
Awesome year so far!


So till next week when we meet here again (pray for me to be accountable and get on the roll again oh),
Much love,


P:S – See if you can play this video below. The corper I went with to speak at the school in the month of March mistakenly recorded a video of me instead of taking pictures.
Just a little bit of small talk 🙂



P.P.S – I apologize if you got the email notification of this post last week but then saw a blank page when you clicked on it. It was supposed to go up last week but network “nor gree do me” even after climbing a hill and all… See how passionate I am about this blog/you all?

So subscribe below if you aren’t subscribed already and let’s all grow together via the words on the blog 🙂


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  • Reply
    June 12, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Well done sis! I pray the strength that comes from God for you. I pray that as you sow seeds, God will give you abundant harvest. I pray that as you’re using your life to glorify God and fulfill His purpose for you, May He always be proud to call you his daughter. And on that final day, May you die empty because you used all of the potential God gave you to bless others.

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    June 12, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Amen and amen Bolaji, amen!
    Thank you so much sis…

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