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NYSC Youths Speak: Francis Azubuike Otiowon

Hello everyone!
So it’s our final NYSC youths speak interview on the blog.
And it’s coming at a time when I am about rounding up from service.
What we will have afterwards will be some select youths that were interviewed here writing in about how their NYSC year went.
That will be for later on, for today, let’s meet our awesome youth.


Francis Otiowon

Francis Otiowon

Me: Let’s meet you please?
Francis: My name is Francis Azubuike Otiowon, I am from Ebonyi State.
Course studied: Industrial Chemistry.
Watchword: Creating a serene environment where there is co-existence and zero discrimination among individuals from different spheres of life.



Me: Do you think that NYSC is being over hyped and has out lived it’s usefulness?

Francis: National Youth service (NYSC) is a platform established to refine graduates that are constantly exuding from Nigerian higher institutions and it elevates an indestructive structure of discipline and character in youths which help them to conquer all the hitches that are inherent in this present generation.
Inspite of the critics that flood the NYSC gates, the scheme has evidently lived up to its expectations.
Personally, the programme of NYSC have undeniably changed my perception about life spanning from social and cultural development, self reliance to periscope beyond the present, improvement of national unity and integration, acquisition of skills for overall nation building, etc. Through reduction of violence that arises from religion and ethnicity.
Undoubtedly, NYSC scheme and programmes are very indispensable in that it brings co-existence among Nigerians and deposit in youths the requisite empowerment needed for survival in a developing nation like ours.

Me: So if NYSC hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness to you, how has it helped you to be a better person?

Francis: Youths are the bedrock for both human and resource development as such, the roles of youths in the Nigerian community even at national and international levels cannot be overemphasized.
Conversely, youths have not really been given the opportunity to showcase and bring to light various skills, motives, dreams and the overall competence wherewithal they are endowed with.
Specifically, Nigerian youths have for so long being the victims and aftermath of political and economical monopoly where the idea that development can only be achieved with the elders rule the day.
Emphatically speaking, youths possess in their arsenal unending wealth of knowledge to improve and change the economy of this nation.
This gene toughening gives youths the innate ability to cope with the inherent innovations and changes in our economy.

I have a strong desire for youth empowerment and development and in addition to this, I dream of establishing a platform where there can be co-existense of individuals from all works of life.
I have a burning desire to put up an edifice in the form of a philantrophic organization which will infinitely provide for the needy, less privileged, the poor, widows, rural dwellers, etc. And improve the general standard of living of an average Nigerian.
Consequently, this dream of mind and other dreams cannot materialize without the NYSC scheme vis-a-vis skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development (SAED).
The aforementioned scheme has also met my professional goal which entails building a chemical industry no matter how small which will deal on cosmetics(soap, detergent, perfumes, air fresheners, etc).
Of course, this will reduce the constraint of unemployment and automatically provide the wherewithal to fund the needful philantrophic organization.

Me: And just one final question. Do you still believe in Nigeria?
Francis: I assertively believe in Nigeria and the original dreams of our founding fathers.
Though Nigeria as a nation has witnessed unprecedented challenges ranging from security, political unrest, total dependency on petroleum products, ethnic and tribal violence and the like.
Need fully, all hands must be on deck and unity is paramount in the fight to completely destroy these cankerworms that have adversely affected our dear nation.
Inspite of all these occurrences, the handwriting on the wall is still very clear and through the utmost contribution of the youths, we can have that Nigeria which our forefathers fought for.
It is already the eleventh hour and nothing short of a wide concerted effort will suffice.

Me: Thank you so much for joining us on youths speak today Francis.
Please share ways to contact you with us:

Facebook: Otiowom Francis Azubuike
So that’s it dearies!
This signals the end of NYSC youths speak on the blog and it also signifies the “soon to be end” of youth service for me.
I pass out in less than two months and the only thing I hope to do is run a series on some persons I interviewed.
Just to show every youth who follows this category on the blog that yes, you can set out to have a meaningful year and achieve it by God’s grace.

And of course I will round up the series with my own reflections on my NYSC year.
That should take up a series on its own but I will try to wrap it up in one post. Lol.
I do hope that someone out there has been inspired to walk in purpose as a youth through this category on the blog.
That was my aim when we started this and that is still my aim.



Till we meet again here on Awakening Youths Category,
P.S- You can read all posts in this category here

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