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NYSC Youths Speak: David Nwaefulu

I was at my C.D.S(legal aids) dinner this past weekend, where the question on how we have been enjoying our service year was meant with snickers and grunts of “enjoy ke, it has been boring”.

I was simply looking around and telling everybody that mine has been awesome!

My plate is full, as in full to the brim. I have been impacting lives with my work in schools by God’s grace, doing my small business, writing my book, making sure I am on track with savings, etc, etc.

And all this are possible because I set out to make my one year MEANINGFUL.

And that’s what “Youths speak” category of the blog is meant for.

In fact, the entire “Awakening youths” category on the blog is meant to inspire you to do more and be more.

Don’t be one of the youths who sit down and do nothing but complain.

This entire NYSC youths speak category exist for us to know that we can make plans and follow through with them during our NYSC year. Do not just bemoan the fact that it’s a wasted year – you say so and so it will be for you.

I will also be doing follow up posts with updates from the youths that were interviewed here when it’s close to our passing out. So this isn’t just a “talk talk” category, it’s a “walk the talk” category.

If you need to be inspired to change your mindset, please read these posts I wrote for Bella Naija on us being youths with a difference below…

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And onto our interview for today, I give you David (no, not the David I did the last Awakening youth event with, another David, we both attended NIFES in university together, different campuses though and are serving in the same state now.

Remember my 12trip challenge for february? We all went mountain climbing with NCCF Christian corpers.

Read his interview below…

David F. Nwaefulu

David F. Nwaefulu


Me: Let’s meet you please?

David: My name is David F. Nwaefulu

Course studied and year of graduation: English and literary studies, 2014

Current professional status: Teaching and preaching


Me: Nice to know that you take sharing the gospel so seriously 🙂

Do you think that NYSC is being over hyped and has out lived it’s usefulness?

David: No, I don’t believe that statement.


Me: So if NYSC hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness to you, how has it helped you to be a better person?

David: It has helped me in relating and integrating with different cultural, educational and ethnic groups in Nigeria.


Me: Some Nigerians believe that funds are being wasted on Nigerian youths because they contribute nothing useful to the economy.

David: I don’t believe that that is the case for all youths. Though indeed, some Nigerian youths, including graduates do not have the skill to make meaningful impact to the societies. They are more knowledge oriented and less skill oriented.


Me: Well, if you do believe that some Nigerian youths still contribute meaningfully to the society, then please tell us, are you one of those youths?

And if you are, with the platform of NYSC that has been given to you, what goals do you hope to achieve that will impact Nigeria positively?

David: Since the world is becoming a global village, I want to focus on I.C.T development and training.

Instead of engaging in illicit and dubious businesses which has brought negative name to the image of Nigerian youths, I will like to organize seminars and classes to teach and impact Nigerians on the positive uses of I.C.T.


Me: One last question, do you still believe in Nigeria?

David: Yes, I do strongly believe in Nigeria.


Me: Please share ways to contact you with us.


Facebook – David Nwaefulu






And that’s a wrap on today’s NYSC youths speak interview.

Uhm David, you can be sure that you will be writing in an update before you pass out so I hope that you have been impacting knowledge about I.C.T to others…because I will hound you to deliver. hehe.

Get to work ohh…or I even have some jobs for you, next awakening youth event…yes, me and you 🙂


For everyone reading this, again, please be inspired to set goals to use your NYSC year in a meaningful way.

And if you aren’t serving right now, still be inspired to not just be idle.

Set goals for yourself to impact this world positively and walk in them.

Everyone has got something in them – talent, gifts and callings that will help others see the light too.

Please find it and walk in it.

I wish us all the best.


Till next time on NYSC youths speak,

Impact your world positively,



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