Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

NYSC Youths Speak: David Adeyemi

Now this is an interview of someone I was/am grateful that our paths crossed during this service year.

We both did the Awakening Youths event here and I am certain that David is one youth to look out for. This man is going higher as God helps him to…

And the most awesome thing is everything he shared in this interview, he’s achieved. But let me not burst the bubble, just read it all for yourself below…

Me: Let’s meet you please?

David: My name is Adeyemi David
Course Studied and year of graduation: Chemical Engineering, B.ENG, 2014
Associate member, Institute of Strategic Management Of Nigeria (ISMN)

Me: Do you think that NYSC is being over hyped and has out lived it’s usefulness?
David: NYSC has never been over hyped. It provides several platforms for one to make an impact and excel.


Me: So if NYSC hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness to you, how has it helped you to be a better person?
(1) It has afforded me an opportunity to be a model to the pupils in my PPA.
(2) It provides opportunity to share the gospel of Christ to those who are not saved
(3) The orientation camp has given me insight to certain grey areas of my life that I have not given attention to before now
(4) It has empowered me to be a self-starter with the necessary tools and to take advantage of my potential immediate environment.
(5) It has inculcated discipline in me.
Me: Some Nigerians believe that funds are being wasted on Nigerian youths because they contribute nothing useful to the economy.
Do you agree with this?
David: NO!


Me: Well let’s prove that mind set wrong using you as an example.
What goals have you set out to achieve during this one year that will impact the society positively?

(1) To provide exposure that will motivate children in rural communities to think and have great lofty dreams that will affect positively the Nigerian community through counseling and career talk.
(2) I am passionate to teach, evangelize and nurture children’s faith in Christ through children’s club.
Thirdly, I plan on providing extra-mural classes for kids.


Me: And just one final question. Do you still believe in Nigeria?

David: I strongly believe in Nigeria my great country.
Me: Please share ways to contact you with us:

So we did this interview when David was in camp last year and he recently just passed out with Batch B corpers (congratulations!)
I intend(ed) to get end of service year updates from most of the corpers I interviewed – just as a way to measure whether we had achieved our goals or not… but I actually wanted to get it done in September, the month before we (batch C Corp members pass out)
But David was a batch B Corp member so we’ll start with his reflections on the service year tomorrow.

Did he achieve all he talked about in this interview or not?
Were they just words or did he couple them with actions?
Did I just waste space and time with putting up interviews of youths who (I believe) have something useful to contribute to the Nigerian society?


The post with his update will be up tomorrow.
So I will see you back here later right?
Yes 🙂




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