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NYSC Youths Speak: Chukwuka Dibia

Hello everybody!

So I presume that regular blog readers  know by now that I am a serious advocate of not wasting your NYSC year. No one should plod along, just counting the days and not seeing the treasures therein.

Youths Speak and Awakening Youths as a whole is my way of keeping myself and other youths interested in #WalkingInPurpose on track.


I love the fact that today’s interviewee on NYSC youths talked about the “almighty allowee”.
I will share my thoughts later, for now, let’s get into it…


Chukwuka Innocent Dibia

Chukwuka Innocent Dibia

Me: Let’s meet you please?
Chukwuka: My name is Dibia Chukwuka Innocent
Course studied and year of graduation: Agricultural Engineering 2008-2013
Current professional status: Corps member 2014, Batch C


Me: Do you think that NYSC is being over hyped and has out lived it’s usefulness?
Chukwuka: I strongly disagree with this.
The usefulness of NYSC cannot be undermined.
No matter how NYSC has been, it has been able to put #19,800 in the pockets of unemployed youths

Me: Ha!
Talk about the allowee!
So if NYSC hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness to you, how has it helped you to be a better person? Even in this short time you’ve spent at orientation camp?

Chukwuka: The 14days so far at the NYSC Camp Ekiti has been like using clean water to wash your face after waking up from sleep in the morning.
It has actually set me up on the grand stage, clearing the bush in the path of success.

Me: Some Nigerians believe that funds are being wasted on Nigerian youths because they contribute nothing useful to the economy.
Do you agree with this?

Chukwuka: I do not agree. You never know what a man can do until you give him a chance. So no one should judge youths if you haven’t given them the chance to lead.
The Youths are the future of tomorrow. The hope of any country rests on the shoulders of the youths.



Me: Well let’s prove that mind set wrong using you as an example.
What goals have you set out to achieve that will impact the society positively?
Chukwuka: The goals I have set out to achieve are all short termed, they are all centered around picking professional training for the next 1 year.

Me: I do hope that you have gotten started on acquiring the certificates like you planned to do…
And one final question, do you still believe in Nigeria?

Chukwuka: Not believing in Nigeria is like not believing in your father.
I strongly do.
I believe in a Nigeria where unemployment will be a thing of the past.
I believe in a Nigeria where the youths will one day be recognized for who they are and not what they are.

Me: Please share ways to contact you with us:
Facebook: Harvey Chuka Dibbs
Instagram: @Oluwadibbs34
Twitter: @Chuka001

So, let me just share something about the allowee bit…
I meet corpers who tell you “the money nor be anything jare”.
They drink beer and pay bills to watch football match with it and save nothing.
The only time one would realize the foolishness of that mind set is when you get out of NYSC – let that person not be you.
If you are a Batch A corper, Batch C or you haven’t even served yet(all the better), have it in mind to deal with your allowee wisely.
Set something aside that can keep you for some months if a job doesn’t come immediately for you.
Nobody should be comfortable with still asking parents for money after NYSC.
Yes, we are praying for great things but yes, we are still supposed to be wise with the way we deal with our finances.

Till next time on Youths Speak,
Keep living and walking in purpose.

NB: For those just joining us, NYSC Youths Speak is an interview based forum I started when I was at orientation Camp last year.
The aim is to get Youths to be more intentional about the goals they set out to achieve for the one year of serving our Fatherland and not waste the year.
You can read other interviews here and be inspired to make your one year meaningful also.


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