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Sophia is a broken girl living in Massachusetts with lots of questions. Does God really mean what He says? Does He do what He says? Everyone she knows testifies that God has failed them and drawn back on a word He gave them…
Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ in her life, she gives God an ultimatum. Show up or I go home…and then the strangest thing happens; He shows up. She encounters an angel.

Clem is an angel sent in response to a prayer prayed by tired-angry-and-not-on-speaking-terms-with-God 23 year old. She is God’s beloved so when he gets the word to go unveil things she has never known to her, he comes, bearing revelation and truth – the science behind New Beginnings…. Do you need a New Beginning in your life? This is it; the science behind New Beginnings as unveiled by an angel from the Lord Almighty Most High.



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