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New Christian Fiction Series: Dun-Dun


Life Of A Belly Dancer

My name na Akpevwe. The Dun-Dun 1 of Oshare Kingdom.

This na my story.


My father was a drunkard. Please read that as DRUNKARD. He forced me out of the house when I was just three. No, he didn’t push me out of the house; what I mean by he forced me is that he made me run away. Yes, I ran away from home when I was three years old. Yes they caught me but this began the series of hide-and-seek, run away, be caught and brought back, run away, be caught and brought back – that lasted till I was seventeen years old. This time I ran away for good.

I went to my classmate at Okparevero town. Minikola was as crazy as I was and no better. Her mother was a crazy witch – and I mean witch like winchy-winchy. She would fry her father in the day-time and blast him with cold air at night-time. The poor man would be sweating like a goat for day-time and shivering for night. It was pathetic. And the mama nor hide am say she be winch, she go dey wine everybody including the children. To stay for house na war. So na me and Minikola plan to run to Lagos and to Lagos we go.

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LAGOS – the year 1999

As we show for the street, Area 1! Hei!

At first I nor mind oh… but I didn’t know what to do. Where to stay. Wetin we go chop. But Mini say she know somebody for here wey go find help us. As we enter the place naso the man stocky, fat like Lagos. I shock! But I shock pass when the man say the only thing he get for us na for us to join he girls wey dey sell their body for VI. He go give us house for Obalende, he go also give half part of the money wey we work, the only thing wey he ask na say make we stay there work with am for two years.

After two years my life never still better; I be dey hope say I go see man wey go marry me but as e be say nobody come na I decide to continue.

Today as I dey talk to you so na the 10th year since when all these things don happen.

I still dey here.

I still be Dun-Dun 1, of Oshare Kingdom.

Like I said on Monday while sharing our blog schedule, I will be writing Christian Fiction Series on Fridays. I decided to start with this one that has been on my laptop for a while. It would run for a while here, though I’m pretty sure that it would be finished by placing it on Okadabooks but please enjoy for now.

The series would continue every Friday so I will see you here next Friday by the grace of God.


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Hephzibah Frances

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