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My NYSC Book Launch Story: On Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year!

Hi guys,

Before we get into the gist of today, I want to save you the stress of looking for the purchase buttons.

If you are a youth corper in Nigeria or know any youth corper in Nigeria, I believe that my book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year” will be an invaluable resource to you.

So check through the links below to get your copy from one of the sources that’s perfect for you…


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The books are also stocked in Lagos, Delta State, Jos and other cities in Nigeria.

Feel free to call/text 07035539092/mail okorofrances@gmail.com for details on how to get your purchases/any other info.


Now let’s go into the main story telling for today..

I wouldn’t have had cause to write anything on this because I already filmed a video which I am certain is more interesting than what you will read here.
Like, you totally get to see the excitement on my face as I tell you guys the “story story” of how this book came to life.
So you really should just watch the video after this cut or watch it on my Youtube channel HERE.

For those who prefer to read/watch and still read though, let’s go on…
I started with “story story’ in the video above..
So story story…
Once upon a time…

Time time!

So there was a girl called Frances Okoro, who was posted to Ekiti State for her NYSC year.
She jumped out of the bathroom one day during her NYSC year with an idea for a book and as much as she just wants to chronicle how this book came to life, she more importantly wants to leave foot prints for those who feel led to start working on their books.

So let’s go on and hope that you get encouraged in your own walk too.

The Idea…

So I got the idea for this book when I was having my bath sometime last year.
Of course, I jumped out of the bathroom, wrote it down and since I was working on “Chastity For Men” then, I started carrying a note dedicated to the NYSC book around.
I would scribble down anytime ideas hit. I did that all through the year till I passed out from NYSC and finished writing the book in December 2015.


The Editing And Printing…

For editing, I contacted my sister Bolaji who I had read on her blog that she’s pretty good with editing and it’s a gift.
I didn’t have too much cash at hand so she was practically God sent to me.
And them when it came to the time to print, again God used this awesome couple I have grown to pray for with my whole heart.
A husband and wife, Helping a small girl like me birth those ideas in her head.
I had no dealings with the printer, this blessing of a couple did the negotiations, the book structure deals and then even transporting the book to where it was to be kept for me.
I can’t repay them.

*Tip: Pray for helpers, lots of diving helpers on your book journey.


On Provision…

The bill I was given for the book was on the high side as they cited dollar issue and all what not… and so I practically had to lay on my face before God and bring funds to life by faith.
One miracle stands out so clearly to me and I will share to boost up your faith (it’s also in the video).

I had just left a time of prayer where I struggled with printing 500 copies or 1000 copies. I told God I knew that if I decide to print 500 copies, it would be because in my heart of hearts, I didn’t trust Him to come through for me, so I told Him, I will go ahead with printing a 1000 copies and believe Him for funds (haha! Telling printers to print a 1000 copies when I didn’t have the complete cash).
And as I got up from my prayer time and picked up my phone, I saw a message from a sister whose brother (who have never met me oh) sowed funds into God’s work in my hands.
And I am like, God, who can say that you aren’t a prayer answering God?

First day I saw my books... had to go to the clinic after this..just snapped a picture for memories sake

First day I saw my books… had to go to the clinic after this..just snapped a picture for memories sake

The plan for the book is also to get into camps and get it out to youths and the day I got a schedule to get into Lagos camp, I started thinking about how I would get there, transport fare and all. Only for me to get an email again, of someone blessing me with funds.
I was at my friend’s place when I got the mail and I broke down in tears.
Like God loves me, like loves me.
Like loves me. And He is able to do ALL things.


On Challenges and Obstacles…

One thing that kept me in this book journey was the prayers from my sisters in TWTW, everyone I could reach out to.
My application sent into Ibadan camp got missing twice with no trace.
Ekiti State refused to allow me to come speak at camp.
I fell ill at the period when I got a call from Lagos to come speak at camp and at that same period I was hit by so much discouragement and despair.
It was a serious battle both in my mind, health, etc.
That was when I wrote “Some silent Spiritual Warfare Strategies”
I asked my sisters from TWTW to pray for me, I too was practically up like I usually am, praying in the Spirit, asking God to move and open the doors.
And when I was discouraged, their prayers were just shields.

I remember going to Church in the midst of all these and just crying uncontrollably as my Pastor led worship. God just began to tell me “He reigns, over it all”.
When I went to meet my pastor to bless my book, he asked why I was crying and I was like “God was just speaking to me all through, things have been happening”.
And he told me something I haven’t forgotten: “what you carry is so large, so big, you are simply travailing”.

God has been my anchor all through this journey.
It would seem that the farther we go, the greater faith and staying stronger in the Spirit we need.
You may just see the book cover and the book listed and all, but you don’t see the 12am prayers that go into asking for strength to not slacken our hold.
You don’t see the days of crying “Lord help me”.
I met a mentor who said “so long as God has called you into an area, you will always experience challenges there.
He will use it to mold you, strengthen you, and align you even further to His purposes”.
And that is what this book journey has done to me.



The Official Launch…
The official launch of this book was the day I spoke at NYSC Lagos camp.

Me on the day I spoke at Camp...

Me on the day I spoke at Camp…

It was less than a 7minutes talk but I know how much we had prayed for it and took none of it for granted.
Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel HERE.


I hope that you have been inspired in your own walk as a Christian author.
I still owe you guys detailed words on this journey of writing a book when God leads you to do so and I will get on it.
Something is brimming, just watch this space.

And now this is where all this story ends…

And we go into this other part of it…


This is not just because I am a writer but all NYSC youths and the ones who love them seriously should get My Book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year”.
If you don’t believe me check out the reviews HERE


We have you guys all covered on both print copies and e-copies.



Purchase your hard copy on Jumia HERE

Purchase the Epub version on Amazon Kindle HERE

Get your copy from Okadabooks HERE

The books are also stocked in Lagos, Delta State, Jos and other cities in Nigeria.

Feel free to call/text 07035539092/mail okorofrances@gmail.com for details on how to get your purchases/any other information.


If you are a youth, I don’t need to tell you, you would thank me after you get this book.

Even if you aren’t a corper, get for your family members, friends in University, let them gain wisdom even before they serve as youth corpers in Nigeria.


And don’t forget to hit the share buttons and spread this good news.


And finally, all glory to God.
I take none for myself.
Down to the words for the books, the blog, He gives them to me.
And every dream so far He has funded.
All His visions to me, He has kept His word in providing and taking care of me.
I may doubt sometimes or have my moments but I see my Daddy working through and in my life.

Here’s saying cheers to my fourth book!
It’s coming out sooner than you can say cheese!


Till our next book launch on the blog,

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  • Reply
    May 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Best-Selling Author!

    I celebrate you sister. I found myself praying for you as I read this post. Meeting you has just been God and I’m thankful.

    Congratulations on your book release. I am assured without doubt that you’d prevail and that hearts will be blessed because of this book.
    I’m personally going to buy for my friends who just started NYSC and have already started complaining.

    God bless you for obeying.
    May I have grace to obey…you already know!

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      May 23, 2016 at 2:58 pm

      Bolaji… I dont think there is any comment of yours that i read without smiles breaking out on my face. Prayers are the bestest gifts ever… i totally need more. thank you babes. and your copies are reserved, thank you! And oh, complaining is the first step to a bad nysc year ohhhh. Choi. Hope the book helps them…

      And on obeying, you will. He works in you both to do His will and His good pleasure.


  • Reply
    May 25, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Congratulations. God bless you real good.

  • Reply
    May 26, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    I watched your video. Wow! Just wow. you’re so brave and I pray that your light never blows out. May your soul keep burning for Christ and may lives be touched. Polar bear hugs.

    Congrats on the book. Infact I need to be gingered to get serious about writing my book. lol. But I’m allowing God lead. Its a beautiful thing to see what you’ve put so much effort into come out in this way. Praise God for His mercies. He’s faithful. Always faithful.

    Are these the only avenues to get the book?

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      May 28, 2016 at 11:16 am

      Sooooooooo faitful Itunu!
      thats part of the reasons why I do these kind of posts… to leave trails of His faithfulness behind…even as I continually see more of His faithfulness unravel before my very eyes.

      As for the avenues to get the book… none of them works for you?
      Working on barnes and noble and some live bookshops but not sure if thats what you are asking about… I’m open to suggestions…
      Thanks dear

  • Reply
    Dongo Emmanuel
    May 28, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Yesterdaynight i met with an enigma, one with passion & depth for her believes, dogged & yet simple, full of smiles. A heart full of diamonds, a magic & a gift from God to this generation.
    Still unravelling………
    I am thrilled & honoured to meet with you Frances.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      May 28, 2016 at 11:13 am

      Awwww you came by and commented and subscribed even Emmanuel!
      Twas so great to meet you!
      Looking forward to your words about the book like you promised because now I know that you keep your words and thats such an awesome thing!

      Agaun, awwww 🙂

      Do stick around… and I hope you are blessed per time and per every word and post on here

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