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My Marriage Will Be For Your Kingdom

Dear Daddy,
My marriage will be for your Kingdom.
Your daughter,

I wrote the above in my journal last year.
It had been a year where I thought I heard God say I would be married. I wasn’t thinking it..He said it but why didn’t it happen?
I was stuck between still believing and just ignoring God.

One night we had a study on @twtwnigeria on prayer using Hannah as a case study and the deal on Hannah finally knowing what Samuel was meant for stuck to my heart.

She had to wait for her promised son till the day she finally said you know what God? Give me this son and I will give Him back to you!

I had been writing about marriage being for God’s kingdom and somewhere in my heart knew that my own will be for God’s glory but I had never had that deliberate covenant with God.
That morning in Ekiti I lay down finally understanding the weight of what God was asking of me. I wept as I dedicated my marriage to His Kingdom. Something died in me and has remained dead to this day.

Today in the Christian world we have too many messages that focus on the couples as the object of their marriage.
We want to get married to satisfy our needs. Our wants and none of the Kingdom’s need!

How many couples in courtship actually sit, discuss and seek God about what their union is meant to achieve in the kingdom of God?

Francis Chan in his message “marriage in the light of eternity” talks about how many good marriages are actually worthless to the kingdom of God. They look cute, have cute children but are actually far away from what God intended for their marriage.

How many couples will get to heaven and heaven will actually rejoice and say indeed you chased ten thousand??

Or were you chasing just your happiness?

How do we bring Christian couples back to placing the kingdom first as the reason for their union?

The mindset of your marriage being for God’s Kingdom doesn’t start from the marriage itself; it starts from singlehood. And more often than not, we miss it because we didn’t lay the foundation of God in our mindset while single. Instead sometimes we are consumed about what we need in a man.. in our children.. etc.

What covenant have you made concerning your marriage with God?

Even as you are single right now, have you come to the place where you have decided that “God when you are looking for a marriage that will show you to others, use mine”…

Sometimes you look at Christian marriages and all you see is them.

Why is the only thing people see you?

Why are you the only person that sticks to an outsider when they look at your marriage?

Why can’t they see God in you? Why are you leading people to you and not God with your union?

Are you still looking to fulfill your needs or God’s needs?

The above is something I was pondering on and shared on Instagram.

Let’s examine ourselves. If you are single; what’s been your mindset about marriage? Would it be for your needs or for God’s needs?

If you are already married, have you been drawn away from what really matters?
What have you and your spouse been concerned about? The kingdom of God or the kingdom of yourselves.

I pray God will help us make the required changes in Jesus name.. amen!


Recommended messaage: Marriage in the light of eternity by Francis and Lisa Chan (the message is on YouTube)


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