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My Interview With Wig Radio: On Purpose, NYSC And Visions

Hi everybody!
How are you all doing?
It’s an amazing week already right here where I am!!
And I know you already suspect that it has EVERYTHING to do with God!
You guessed right!

So my second hard copy book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year” is out!
But we won’t be dealing with it for today… I will tell you all about the book journey next week Monday and release it online too by then!
So stay fixed on here.

For today, do you guys remember that I did this interview thing with @Wigradio in February?
We discussed quite a bit about purpose and NYSC deals in the interview and since that’s a big part of my message to NYSC youths, I just thought to put it out there for youths who are interested in walking in purpose and making a difference with their lives.

Please watch the video at the end of this post or on my youtube channel HERE
And don’t be selfish please, share the video with every young person you know.
We are on a mission to raise young men and women of purpose for God… people who know that God has called them to be and do for Him and are running after what He has for us.
So help us as we all go all out in this mission/vision.

So I give you my interview with Wig Radio below…

Have a blessed, blessed week ahead everyone!
And God working on your behalf, even now!
Never doubt that.


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