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My Diaries: The Year 2020 So Far (January, February And March)

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“Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all
that is within me, bless His holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget
not all His benefits:”

-Psalm 103:1-2

When I stepped into the year 2020, I intended to fully process and document my life from month to month on the blog. I wanted to reproduce what I did here in the year 2015 where I had a clear-cut vision and walked in and with it. Consequently I saw God go overboard and do far above all I could ever ask, think or imagine. This time around for the year 2020, I also wanted to be that detailed and deliberate with my life.

I do a lot of things as regarding my visions but I must confess that since year 2015, I haven’t really lived with and in a full consciousness of walking and running with a well thought-out and planned vision for my life. I wanted this year to be that year. And God confirmed it by placing the scriptures before me over and over again.

“Then the LORD answered me and said:
“Write the vision And make it plain on
tablets, That he may run who reads it”

-Habakkuk 2:2

As far as I am concerned, I am in a NEW SEASON. It’s been a series of things that have brought me here but as I did when I wrote Laying the year 2019 to rest, I want to clear out the old to fully enter the new.

So here, you have me detailing some chronicles of how my year 2020 has gone so far.



I stepped into the year with a blast! Or not… or yes.


Actually, I stepped in eyes to my teeth in ministry work as I had been fully involved in ministry meetings up until December 30th without taking a break so to speak.

I feeling really sorry for myself at the end of the year 2019 asking God and saying to myself, Lord I have worked for you and for others, what would you give to me?

I felt like Abraham asking God what will you give me in Genesis chapter 15. Thankfully, He gave me a dream and also answered me in the words of scripture that gladdened my heart.

So I stepped into January 2020 with a bang that started from WAFBEC organized by Pastor Poju Oyemade at Covenant nation church. God gave me so many words there, along with so many encounters! Swoosh!

Then I had to do the WAR AGAINST THE DEMON OF LUST PROGRAMME for people struggling with demons of lust manifesting itself in pornography, masturbation, spirit husband, spirit wife, etc. to be set free.

You can find all the videos here and use them yourself to be delivered if you are in this quandary.

Then God gave me grace and I wrote a New book ‘WHO AM I?’ in ONE WEEK!

It was a supernatural grace!

I had a bit of issues with ministry finances and faith and actually missed a timeline for me to be at Calabar because I was so fearful and uncertain. So February began with this one ministry assignment at Calabar left untouched.


I stepped into February 2020 knowing I had to be at Calabar Nigeria, to go to a prostitution centre with my book ENIOLA message of healing and acceptance from the heart of the Father no matter what one has been through.

I chronicled the visit and you can watch it here.

Before the Calabar visit though, we also held a POWER PACKED, HOLY GHOST SOAKED ATMOSPHERE meeting at Lagos Nigeria on BIRTHING YOUR VISIONS for women in our ministry THE DEBORAH GENERATION. It was a time to see the raw power of God in display and also BIRTH VISIONS IN HIS HEART FOR OUR LIVES.

My one vision from that meeting was THE NATIONS. I had had encounters with God on being baptized into the Nations and that meeting was another confirmation for God to raise help for me to go to the Nations with the word He has given to me.

You can watch videos from BIRTHING MEETING here

After the birthing meeting was when I went to Calabar for the prostitution centre visit and I also visited a school based on our AYSCAFRICA message. I spoke on Purity and love/lust since it was valentine season. You can also watch the video of my work at schools with AYSCAFRICA here.

Right off from Calabar, same February 2020, I came home to Delta State to rest at home with my family for a while and during that time period finished writing a NEW CHRISTIAN FICTION BOOK – SURVIVING SINGLEHOOD!


That book was God breathed through and through! Providing a manual for navigating your single life from single-to-married. It was released on Valentine’s day 2020.

You can get your ecopies on:

From book release we moved to Abuja for three days DEBORAH GENERATION, FRESH FIRE CONFERENCE.

My life in this season was FULL of encounters in God and with the Holy Spirit.

MARCH 2020:

I came back from the conference at Abuja pretty bummed and TIRED! TIRED! TIRED!

You know the kind of moment Elijah had after having such a high with destroying the prophets of Baal in 1st Kings chapter 18. Yes that was me; tired and feeling depressed and discouraged. I took out three days to rest in God and have some quiet time out and by early week in March 2020, I knew I wanted to go home to my parents at Ughelli, Delta State.

I felt such a need to just get out of Lagos.

I needed REST and I couldn’t stand being in Lagos for one more day.

So I did.

And I have been home in the easy pace of Delta State for more than three months now (I’ve also added a whole lot of weight and need to start exercising for real soon) but I won’t trade this time that I’ve had with my family for anything else.

The one thing that was a vision for the month of March 2020 that God helped me with though, was releasing my book SURVIVING SINGLEHOOD hard copies at a single’s hangout/Book launch at Warri, Delta State Nigeria. I wrote about it here and here.

The very next thing I had on my heart even as we did that book launch/single’s hangout was planning for this same meeting to be held at Dubai and also around some Universities in Nigeria. At Ogbomosho, Asaba Delta State, Jos and the University at Nsukka.

The work on SURVIVING SINGLEHOOD is still much and very much ongoing and I look forward to all God is doing and will do on it.

We also had the PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND CHALLENGE in this month. Leading and helping women to pray and praise for their future husband and marriage, a message based on my book PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND.

God helped us and we also had a MIGHTY POWERFUL close out in the month of March 2020! Wow!

God also helped me and I had clients for my business BEAUTIFUL FEET PUBLISHING. I wasn’t really paying attention to my business angle before and in my next post, I will share on how God helped me and I started paying serious attention to my finances.


I will continue sharing and backtracking on my year so far tomorrow. I will share on how the month of April and May 2020 have gone then I would also share my CLEAR VISIONS going forward month by month as well as the vision for the blog as I want to commit to being here ATLEAST WEEKLY! So help me God.

God has hit a RESET on a LOT of things and I am eager to follow Him as He leads.

Do follow me as I follow Christ.

Lots of Love,

Hephzibah Frances.


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Watch out for  details on how you can be part of a new class here soon.

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  • Reply
    June 3, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    I LOVE everything about this post. Nothing beats keeping track of God’s dealings in our lives. Stay consistent biko.

    I watch your video on YouTube, the List Hangout and heard when you called my name. Lol. I was supposed to be there, yeah? But it’s all good. I was blessed watching. Thank you. I am so grateful for you sis. And I am following you bumper to bumper.

    (Please, what’s God saying about TWTW WhatsApp Group? I kind of miss our online fellowships, bible studies, etc.)

    • Reply
      Hephzibah Frances
      July 28, 2020 at 2:51 pm

      SISTER AMAKA!! God bless you sis. I am asking for grace for consistency in Jesus name amen. TWTW ministry is still on and live oh. Prayers via online channels and Youtube and we are moving into a ministry house soon for meetings etc. If we would use whatsapp at all, it would be for maybe short discipleship programmes per time. We need to move into what God is moving into GOD HELPING US. God bless you sis. I appreciate you

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