Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year

Are you here because you desire to “be a youth with a difference?

If so, you are in the right place!

You can build a solid foundation with your NYSC year with this book “Making a difference with your NYSC year”

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Nike took a step forward; then she stopped, retraced her steps and attempted to walk right back. She heard Kunle calling her name; “come on Nike”.

Again she resumed her steps, and almost immediately, she heard the mockery in her head.

You will never amount to anything good…

You will die a pauper…

You will get pregnant before marriage… no man will wed you; just like your mother.

You are a child of pain…

She stopped; retraced her steps again and this time she squatted on her knees. The voices had started just after she got her call-up letter.

She was a current NYSC corper at Sokoto orientation camp who was constantly plagued by the demons of her past. She came from a home of sexual abuse and lustful addictions. Her mother had married three men and was now a single elderly woman..none of her siblings were of the same father and mother. She had been passed along from relative to relative because none of her mother’s husbands ever stayed long enough to provide for her.
She had paid her way through school by making hair for the women in her church. Now she was at camp at NYSC.

When her name was released, she expected that she would serve in a modern city so she could earn a decent salary, start life over and forget her wretched family background but it would seem that her fate was one destined to be buried beneath sadness.

Kunle called her name again..

“Nike, the speaker has already started”.

She held her thoughts at bay for the moment and walked into the hall. Kunle had invited her for what he called “WISDOM CLASSES”.


She saw a young woman who introduced herself as Frances sharing her story. She was talking about her background.

“My name is Frances, I am a Lawyer, author and founder of a women ministry and youth NGO.
I started all these during my NYSC year. But my life didn’t begin like this. I came from a broken home and constantly felt like a failure. I was in an abusive relationship where my boyfriend would tell me that I would be a failure in relationships just like my mom. But I met Christ and everything changed in my life…”

Nike listened as the lady spoke. She was young; very young with four books to her name already, leading a ministry and NGO and all these she started during her NYSC year.

She had a book titled “Making a difference with your NYSC year” and she played a video of her story and passion for the book.


Nike thought:
What if I can start on a clean slate from my past and begin a new journey with my NYSC year? One where I can forget the past and write a new future?

What if I can indeed be a youth with a difference during this year?

What if I can start afresh and build on a new foundation this year?

She thought about the areas of improvement the lady Frances had listed…

1: Dethroning The Biggest Obstacle To Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year

2: Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others

3: Making A Difference With Your Allowee

4: Making A Difference In the Business World

5: Making A Difference After NYSC

6: Getting Meaningfully Meaningful After NYSC Year

7: Post P.O.P: What To Do After The NYSC Year


Nike suddenly felt a surge of hope spring up within her. Her despairing thoughts had been previously brought to fore by words from fellow corpers. Most of them said that the year was “rubbish” and they would never amount to anything in Sokoto State.

She had already been propositioned for a relationship by a guy who promised her heaven and earth if she would be his girlfriend with “extra benefits included ofcourse” but going by what Frances had said.. she could live within her means during NYSC and even save her money and increase her streams of income!


She could build life skills that would serve her for the rest of her life! She could write that book on her experiences she had been putting off for a while. She could own and start her business with hair products!

There were no limits to what she could make her NYSC year do for her life!

If Miss Frances could focus on the above areas and make something meaningful of her life during NYSC year then so would she by the grace of God!

Are you here because you desire to “be a youth with a difference?

If so, you are in the right place!

You can build a solid foundation with your NYSC year like Nike resolved to do above with this book “Making a difference with your NYSC year”

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I pray that as you read the book, Nike’s determination shall also be yours in Jesus name.. amen!!



This book is the snap that is needed to awaken every young person going into, or already in the NYSC program, to live one year of purpose for God, the communities and themselves.

By the time you are done with this book, you will be a corper that has an entrepreneurial outlook, adding value to yourself and others.

I have read this book twice already and it has blessed me.

It geared me up and gave me passion for my personal CDS, which I am currently running. I recommend that you give it to your child, aunt, uncle, brother, friend, anyone who is a corper and watch that life become transformed.

-Grace Oche

Lawyer and Christian blogger

December 11, 2017

I no longer want NYSC to be scrapped. "Making a difference with your NYSC year"by Frances Okoro has helped reshape my mind towards NYSC. I even now find myself praying into my own experience which is still one year from now. I am utterly sure that reading this book will do the same for every youth who opens their mind to the lessons shared by Frances.

Not only did she share her experiences, she beautifully put in business ideas in this book! Who does that?

So, now, I have business ideas even before I start my NYSC year.

Need ideas on projects and businesses to embark on during your NYSC year?

Purchase this book and thank me later! Or thank me now, whichever way is fine!

-Bolaji Olorisade

December 11, 2017


…And don’t leave without your copy of ‘Making A difference with your NYsC year”

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"MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR NYSC YEAR" is an awesome book by the one and only Frances Okoro @hephzibahfrances

I celebrate the grace of God on Frances who has taken a lot of gumption to address the many issues confronting Nigerian Youths about the NYSC scheme. As at I when I read this book I began to wish I had read it even before I was mobilized to camp...Nevertheless I'm still game.

I would recommend this book to all youths who will be or has been mobilised for NYSC and even for those serving presently. (I’m sure some of us wished NYSC was scrapped before we were mobilized...we wish??)

The first chapter of this book has its title as "Dethroning the Biggest Obstacle to Making a Difference with Your NYSC year" - this biggest obstacle is your mindset. You'll get to see more on this in the book.

Frances takes her time to explain how your NYSC is not just any normal year of your life but a year of fulfilling the destiny God has put in your hands by doing something remarkable wherever you are.

She also explains how to make a difference with:

1: Your time

2: Your allowance

3: Your business

4: Life after NYSC 

Finally, she puts you through the process of engaging in a Personal Community Development Service (personal CDS).

One of the important things I picked from this book is the fact that being frustrated with NYSC will do you no good (especially if you have been posted to some place you don’t like and all hopes of redeploying or relocating have gone down the drain).

The best you can do is to make it a worthwhile year for you; A YEAR TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE AND IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

It’s really a great book I tell you… and guess what!!!
You can download this amazing book for FREE today from

This is me encouraging you to read this book and enlighten yourself on how to spend the next one year of your life.
You'll be glad you did!!

December 12, 2017



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To an amazing NYSC year for you, I say amen!


Hephzibah Frances


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