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Hi there!
I am Frances Okoro, author of “Chastity For Men”.

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I know what you are thinking…

It seems weird to have a lady write about “Chastity for Men” right?
I will be the first person to admit that it is indeed weird to have a lady speaking to men about being chaste.
Like really, what was God thinking?
But I do have an idea of what His thoughts are on this though…
He must have been thinking – “She is the perfect person for this, not because she is perfect and has never being roped into sexual immorality before, but because she has been roped in sexual immorality but still laid hold of my grace at the end of it all”

Before you go on though, watch this video, it will answer all your questions and put you in better perspective to get every other thing that I will write below…


Chastity For Men isn’t another book of a lady bashing the men for being promiscuous while bemoaning the decline of moral values in today’s society.
This book is simply the book of a lady using her story of sexual addiction and consequent freedom found in Christ Jesus to inspire others to be set free.


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I know…
You feel like you can not live without having sex…
You feel like you would die if you don’t masturbate and satisfy your urges right this minute…
I have been there too.
I struggled with sexual sins – masturbation and pornography for more than 8years till I finally started to walk in the victory that Jesus had given me over sexual addictions.
I was a tongue speaking – fire burning Christian who still surfed the net for free downloads of pornography at night or day or anytime the sexual urges hit me (there’s more about my story in the book)
If God could make over a lady who at a time couldn’t go a day without reaching under the sheets into her panties to masturbate, then I am certain that He can help you too.


“Chastity For Men” is a book that’s as real as it can get.
This is not a manual telling you some steps picked out of the sky on finding freedom from sexual addictions.
Yes, there are some steps to freedom that are shared in the book, but ultimately, this is a book sharing the story of real life people behind the scenes, aiming to please God with their bodies.
One lady…
Four men…
Five stories…
Real life transformations…

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You will learn the truth about sex.
You will read just how much God’s grace can help you break the chains of sin’s hold over you.
You will finally break the silence and and live above the shame that surrounds sexual topics and issues in the Church.
And when you get to the end of the book – hopefully and prayerfully, you will also surrender your body as a living sacrifice – wholly and totally to God.
And for the ladies, this book couldn’t be written without including a personal love letter to you – yes, you all are that important.
To all my treasured sisters, this book has got a whole chapter dedicated to you so yes, “Chastity For Men” is meant for you too.
I’m talking real deep ladies talk.
I’m talking stories about my own dark years spent in a relationship full of multiple sexual trysts – doing exactly what God’s Word says that we shouldn’t do.
I’m talking about a true life story of how God drew me out of the dregs and set my feet on the rock for Him.
And I am certain that if you yield to God’s tug on your heart as you read this book, He will do the same for you too.
You will learn about God’s wholesome love for you and finally be able to let go of every chain that holds you back and let Him – the lover of your soul come in.


The e-copy of “Chastity For Men” is free.
Freely I have received, and freely do I give the e-copy.
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