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Memories From The Women At The Well July 2016 Meet!



We know that writing in November about a meet that happened in July is a long stretch but we can’t just let the memories go like that.

July 31st 2016 was such an amazing day with our TWTW sisters… it was so amazing, it definitely has to be ingrained in sands of the time of our blog to be revisited over and over again.


First, our venue was LIT!

We all converged at Lekki Conservation Centre by 12pm which was the set time but African man time had some of us coming late (don’t do this at our subsequent meets though. lol).

And as always, it was such a joy to see our ladies after almost three months of being apart.

Our last meet was in April 2016 (read details of our last meet HERE)

We were soooo excited to see ourselves, we literally back-flipped to the moon and back. Our new ladies were not left out as some of us were just meeting for the first time ever but as is a given with TWTW, we all were quickly integrated into one big smiling family!

dsc_0144 dsc_0170


Then began the road trek into the jungle.

I kid ?

It  wasn’t really a jungle but maybe it was.. what with monkeys peeping out from the trees. Lol. For real!

We had a 15minutes walk through the walkway, snapping pictures and gisting and I know some of our ladies were afraid but hehe, the blood of Jesus saw us through. Lol.


New here?


The Women At The Well is a Christian ladies group founded by Frances Okoro. The group basically aims to raise women filled with Jesus.

You can read more about us HERE.

And make plans to attend our last meet for the year in Lagos!

Details are in the flyer below.


Confirm your attendance by sending a mail to so we can plan better with  numbers.


Today is our first meet ever in Ado-Ekiti and I am so excited because in One year I can say that Lord, we went to work with what you gave to us as deposits.

I was reading this post I did of our first meet in Lagos last year and can you believe that its been a year already?

Screenshot from our first meet

Screenshot from our first meet


I have wanted to throw down the towel and shut down TWTW  lots of times but let me tell you guys that story another time.

For today, our new sisters in Ado-Ekiti await!


See you guys when I get back. I am also in need of some good ol’ Christian sisters meet 🙂

Attend the Lagos meet if you need some refreshment too 🙂

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