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Me And Our Small House

This is Me…

Me and my funny hair..

Me and my funny hair..

This is Raymond my brother…

My mama born fine boy

My mama born fine boy

And then here’s Fefe, Ray’s friend… oops! I don’t have a picture here, it’s in my laptop and I am not sure he’ll want his face here anyway… but that’s by the way.


We all live in one small house in Onishon Town, Lakowe, Lagos.
I doubt if you’ll know the place.
It’s pretty far.
My brother commutes from our small house to VI where he works everyday.
I commute from our small house to Church/anywhere I have to go every Wednesday/Sunday.
On days when there is no traffic, it takes about one hour, and on days when there’s traffic, erm, let’s say 2 hours and above is the minimum it takes to get into the other side of town.
So I don’t waka anyhow in this Lagos. I only go out on Wednesdays and Sundays if I can help it and do all I need to do on those days too.


But I am not writing this to tell you about how we commute from our small house down to town (even though that’s a story on its own), I am writing this to document this time of our lives and give praise to God for right here where we stand.


One of my biggest weapons against satan is using my armour of thanksgiving to God.
When I feel like my heart is being threatened with self-pity, worries, etc, I quickly do an about face and do some deliberate needed thanksgiving to God!
And it works every time!

I was in our small room yesterday when I just thought “oh Lord, I need to pray for elevation of status for my brother”.
I saw a document of his and it just hit me that the year’s running… and I know that this place where we stand isn’t the end.

My brother started working in 2014. I just passed out from NYSC late last year and I am still trying to find my feet as regards the works of my hands, my books and all…
And sometimes it strikes me as to how we are building foundations with our lives right here, right now.
We are actually making history right now, and as is a given with history, if you don’t document them, you forget them when you step into a new season.
And I don’t want that to be me/us.


I want to always remember our small house even when we move to somewhere bigger/our own house.
I want to always remember how I used to go to the market to cook for us all even when I am married and have a home of my own with my husband.
I want to always remember how my brother used to be my knight in shining armour even when my other knight comes.
I want to always remember how God has raised us up even when we leave this level.


So the point of “Me and Our Small House” is just meant to say “thank You Lord for right here where we stand!”
I am grateful!
We are all grateful!


I know that even December 2016 will meet us in a different place in our lives but I am not going to wait to get there before I testify of your goodness.
You are good Lord.
You are good.
You are too good.
And I see you in all your resplendent goodness, even in our small house in Onishon Town, Lakowe, Lagos.



Till My Next Personal Memoir,

From two of the Okoros...

From two of the Okoros…



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  • Reply
    April 29, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Hmmm! This is exactly where I am at the moment. I passed out of NYSC 2 weeks ago, living with my sister and cousin in a small house too. I want so much more for my life, and sometimes get caught up noticing everyone in their grand houses and cars. This post just reminds me that I need to be grateful that we have this space, that we’re not begging for food, sick or worse.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      April 30, 2016 at 1:18 am

      God has got us Gloria.. thats the truth. And we won’t murmur or grumble for our portion/season right now, we will stay grateful all the way.. amen? Amen!

      Congrats on Passing out! There’s more ahead, all brighter and brighter.
      Believe Him, believe His word to you..

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