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I always like to say that I don’t do well with “ring a bell, door to door evangelism”. I know my strength and that is not one of them… My style of evangelism though, always comes through conversations with people. With a simple hello and hi and a sudden delve into the things of God.

I had one of such conversations a few weeks ago.
Me- “I went to zzzzz church, it was amazing, have you heard about zzzz’s Pastor?”
She- ‘I don’t like zzzz’s Pastor’s ministry, I heard something about him and I just don’t like him”

Now, aside from my kind of evangelism starting from such conversations, my light bulb moments sometimes comes from them too and in this instance I was thinking…
I am always in the spirit when I listen to zzzz’s Pastor, what am I getting/how am I getting it from this same minister that you say you don’t like?
I’ve asked myself that question in other instances with others before and the answer’s always the same, and it’s simple…
I look inwards into myself when I listen to them; I look into how God wants to change my life with their message and not at the person who is bringing the message to me.



And this is what I think…
If we could all be more conscious of the fact that we are serving God and not men, then I believe our lives as Christians will be better.
Of course, by all means be conscious about what the word says about wolves in sheep clothing that are in the church but if you do have the Holy spirit in you, then He ministers to you when a word you hear is wrong, especially when you have the written word in you so you are not easily swayed by other words without searching the scriptures.
But like I say to people, I can learn something even from the worst minister there is, why? Because I’ve never really bothered about people’s lives. This is not to say that I am a saint and I have never said anything wrong about anyone but I know enough to know that I am running my personal race for the kingdom of God just as that minister is and God is dealing with both of us in His own way and I am not the one dealing with Him/her.
I have been reading Joyce Meyer’s book on how to hear from God and on the different ways God speaks to us and one of those ways is through people.


God can speak to us from the lips of unexpected people, He can use anyway/anyone just to get the message across to us and if we pay attention inwards when we hear ministers preach, then we won’t miss what God is trying to say to us through them.
If we even pay attention inwards while we say those words about that minister, then we would know that God is passing across a message to us right there…Yes, He is trying to work on our mouths not to say hurtful things, He is trying to tell us not to help Him do His job to judge the world… He is trying to tell us to focus on our own salvation.



Don’t get me wrong, of course we can correct our brothers in Christ when they err but when we say it behind their back, what then is that?
For example, one of such conversations I had was me saying that a particular minister always ministers to my soul when I listen to him and the reply I got was ‘I don’t like him, have you seen his so so and so stuff?(machine being one seemingly expensive stuff) Who bought it for him?”
We can say that, but we also forget that the word says that it is God’s wish that we prosper even as our soul prospers. We do not avert our minds to the fact that if this man is a true minister of God, then the only reason why He will prosper is because his soul is also prospering.
We do not see the lesson there, you should be asking God to prosper you also, ask Him to show you if the reason why you are not prospering is because your soul is not prospering…
We also forget that the word says a man’s gift makes a way for him. I’ve heard Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s testimony of someone just bringing a jeep to his house as a gift to him, he didn’t beg the person to do that…
And so we miss another lesson there, instead of tonguelashing another’s favour filled life, why don’t we ask and pray for ours?
All that I have said above is predicated on if the minister is a true minister of God, so you might say, Frances what if he isn’t of God?
And I will say to you, “If he isn’t a true minister of God, it is none of your business. God is not deaf, neither is He blind, you cannot do His work for Him; He can do His work of sifting the wheat from the tares himself. He does not need you to help Him do that. YOU LOOK INWARDS”.

What needs to change in your life?
Don’t you think you need to ask God to change your harsh condemning tongue?
Don’t you think you need to ask God to mould your character into his? Jesus does not judge like you do even though He has all the facts at hand and you do not have all the facts at hand but still judge, don’t you think you need to look inwards and ask God to mould you over? To wash you clean?
Don’t you think you need to focus on your job; your job to work out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling?

Don’t you think we need to pray for our own lives to be favour filled? I certainly want to do that.

So maybe we should all just look inwards instead of outwards shall we?
Maybe we can run our own race, do our own work and let God do His?
Maybe we can just LOOK INWARDS this new week and beyond right?
I certainly know in what area I need to turn things around.
What about you? Is there anything you need to change as regards as I’ve just said for this new week and beyond?
God help us all.


Just a few things

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Happy New Week dearies,


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